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What happened to pinduoduo's first shareholder letter? What is the truth behind pinduoduo's first sh

It was reported on April 24 that pinduoduo released its fiscal year 2018 annual report. Along with the annual report, Huang Zheng, founder, chairman and CEO of pinduoduo, also released the company's first shareholder letter since its listing. What happened to pinduoduo's first shareholder letter? What is the truth behind pinduoduo's first shareholder letter?

In his letter to shareholders, Huang Zheng said that the biggest feature of the new e-commerce is' inclusive ', which is determined by the time it was born. When the Internet started in China 20 years ago, its users were a small group of people with a relatively high level of knowledge economy. When pinduoduo appeared 20 years later, no matter in rural or urban areas, professors or farmers, mobile Internet has entered the life of ordinary people equally. The historical mission of the new platform is to serve the most common people.

"Since the first day, we have been following this mission, hoping to increase farmers' income through agricultural products, and provide benefits for urban residents, which became the most powerful driving force for the growth of the platform at that time. After that, through factory c2m direct sales, we improved the cost performance of goods, and provided the ordinary people with affordable upgraded daily necessities, which made the platform a step forward in this direction.

Huang Zheng also disclosed the logistics electronic face sheet system launched by pinduoduo, saying that in a short time, it has become the second largest electronic face sheet system in China and even in the world.

He believes that the main reason why the system can be built in a short period of time is not pinduoduo itself, but the popular support of the whole logistics and express industry. "Although other mainstream electronic face sheet systems require their own system merchants to only use their only specified face sheet, we still allow merchants to choose other electronic face sheet systems.".

It is worth noting that the annual report also announced the number of employees - as of December 31, 2018, the total number of employees of pinduoduo was 3683, an increase of 2524 compared with 1159 in 2017. Among them, the number of engineers exceeds 1800, accounting for half of the company.