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Is Taiwan pass easy to handle? How long does it take to get a Taiwan pass

Taiwan pass (pass for mainland residents to and from Taiwan) is a travel pass issued by the Ministry of public security of the people's Republic of China to mainland residents to Taiwan. Is the Taiwan pass easy to handle? How long does it take to get a Taiwan pass? Now let's take a look.

1. After accepting the application for Taiwan pass and endorsement, complete the approval and production of Taiwan pass and endorsement within 9 working days;

2. The applicant has applied for endorsement again with a valid travel permit to Taiwan, and the approval and endorsement will be completed within 6 working days;

3. If there is an urgent need to go to Taiwan for special reasons, priority should be given to the examination and approval according to the working principle of "urgent affairs and urgent handling";

4. The time for investigation due to doubts about the application materials is not included in the working days.

There are two steps for tourists to handle personal travel procedures in Taiwan: first, tourists go to the exit Entry Administration Department of the public security organs of the registered residence, handle the "mainland residents' travel permits to Taiwan" and personal travel endorsements; then they can entrust six qualified travel agencies to handle the formalities of entry into the Taiwan area.

1. Application for Taiwan pass

When applying for an application to the exit Entry Administration Department of the public security organ at the place where the registered residence is located, a tourist should submit a completed application form, an ID card, an account of the original and a photocopy, and two inch white background color photographs.

2. Financial qualification certificate

According to relevant regulations in Taiwan, tourists need to provide corresponding financial qualification materials:

For those over 20 years old, they need to provide the original certificate of deposit of more than 50000 yuan; or the certificate of after tax income with an annual salary of more than 125000 yuan; or the color scanned copy of the gold card of the credit card.

For students over 18 years old, color scanning copy of student ID card or original school certificate is required.

For those under 18 years old, they should apply together with their immediate family members and provide color copies of birth certificates, color scanned copies of student ID cards or original school certificates.

3. Go through the procedure of entering Taiwan

When tourists enter Taiwan through travel agencies, the materials they need include: a completed application form from Taiwan; a copy of the mainland residents' pass to and from Taiwan, ID card, household register and personal travel endorsement; two inch color photos with white background; relevant financial qualification documents; a brief itinerary; emergency contact materials.

Extended information:

1、 Scope of application

Contents involved: Chinese citizens living in the mainland (hereinafter referred to as "mainland residents") who travel to and from Taiwan shall apply for the pass and endorsement for travel to and from Taiwan;

Applicable object: individual.

2、 Review type

Pre trial and post approval.

3、 Approval basis

(1) Law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry

Article 10 Chinese citizens who travel between the mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region, and Chinese citizens who travel between the mainland and the Taiwan region, shall apply for a pass according to law and abide by the relevant provisions of this law. Specific administrative measures shall be formulated by the State Council.

(2) Measures for the administration of Chinese citizens' travel to and from Taiwan

(3) Regulations on the administration of the issuance of travel permits and endorsements to and from Taiwan

4、 Acceptance institution

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Bureau, all public security sub bureaus, county (city) Public Security Bureau exit entry administration department.

5、 Decision making body

Exit Entry Administration of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau.

6、 Quantity limit

No quantity limit. ​​​​​​​