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Iron man and black widow are dead

Is there any egg in Fu Lian 4? "Avengers 4: the final battle" was finally released in inland China, but it was released in the early morning of April 24. The three hour film ended at 3 a.m. For the overtime workers who have to work the next day, do you really want to know what the movie says?

The three hour film length of "Avengers 4" tells a huge story, in which the extermination of hegemony is finally eliminated by many superheroes. This should be the end we all hope for. In addition, "Fu Lian 4" is more about the further exploration and exploration of each superhero. Through the time and space shuttle this line to complete the interpretation of each hero. The specific story in the middle needs fans to go to the cinema to experience.

Mieba died twice. Can you think of the ending? Mieba was beheaded in less than 15 minutes. He destroyed the gem with infinite gloves, and then he was very weak and killed by Thor. Then five years later, a mouse mistakenly touched the remote control of the quantum field and let the ant man come out of the quantum field. The ant man told us the possibility of crossing. Through the test, they found the feasibility, and then began to collect infinite gems.

Dr. strange sends the resurrected people to the battlefield. Finally, iron man starts to wipe out mieba and his army. When iron man is killed, Captain America's final task is to put their gems and broken hammers back to the corresponding time line to avoid time branching, but Captain America doesn't come back.

The Falcon saw an old American captain. The captain gave his shield to the Falcon and said that he had stayed in the past for the sake of a girl. Then there was the dance, and the end of the fourth couplet.

The ending of a movie always has a touch of sadness. After watching "Fu Lian 4", it's better to watch all the movies of Marvel again and grow up with the heroes. They are always by our side. Classic, no coincidence!

Does Fulian 4 have colored eggs? It is said that Fulian 4 does not have colored eggs. After watching the movie, it ends with crying.