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Fast thin waist, easy to practice vest line

Weight loss has always been an eternal topic. No matter what the figure is, everyone will want to pursue a better figure. In winter, everyone wears a lot of clothes, so there won't be too big difference in figure, but in other seasons, it's embarrassing. In summer, people with good body and off shoulder wear full marks of temperament, while those with less body can only see round shoulders. It's the same with navel dress. Only girls with small belly and no waist can't touch it at all. So in order to be able to wear more beautiful clothes, we have to lose weight in addition to the waist.

First of all, exercise is essential. Even if there is no time in our daily life, we must squeeze out time to exercise. Get up 40 or 50 minutes early in the morning and get ready to run. Before going to sleep at night, you can do sit ups. There are 20 in each group and 60 in three groups. After that, you start to knead your stomach. Gently kneading doesn't need too much force, not too light or too heavy. If the strength is moderate, you can knead one hundred circles clockwise and one hundred circles anticlockwise.

Develop the habit of drinking more water. You can drink a glass of water, honey water or light salt water in the morning, which can promote the metabolism of the body and discharge the garbage in the body. Don't eat fried food, chocolate, cakes, sweets. A small piece of cake will bring you a lot of heat. And these calories will become the biggest obstacle to having a small waist.

Don't sit or lie down after dinner. Stand against the wall. Usually when walking and standing to learn abdominal breathing, it can make small abdominal muscles become tight. It's an easy and effective way to lose weight. When inhaled, the belly bulges; when exhaled, the belly contracts.

Usually massage more, using rubbing to promote blood circulation and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Coarse salt has perspiration to help drain waste and excess water from the body. When taking a bath, add some hot water to make the coarse salt paste, and then smear it on the abdomen for massage, until the coarse salt particles melt completely, and then wash them off.