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Can wechat circle of friends view visitors' records? Circle of friends view visitor record details

Recently, some netizens said that the new version of wechat on the Internet can view friends' visiting information, so that everyone can easily see who are the users visiting their circle of friends. Some friends are happy, and some don't want to be found. So can the new version of wechat see the visitor records?

Wechat circle of friends to view the details of visitors' records

According to the updated screenshot, this' circle of friends visit 'function can not only help you view the visited users, but also provide data on the length of stay in the circle of friends. This makes many netizens worry, afraid that it will make their own privacy!

The new version of wechat can't view visitors' records

However, at present, the official wechat team has made a response on this matter, saying that the so-called new version of wechat screenshot is fake, and will not launch the 'circle of friends' function, so you don't need to worry too much now!

The updated screenshot of wechat is pure forgery, and friends who are afraid of divulging privacy can rest assured!