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What are the changes in the way of college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province? The new policy

College entrance examination can be said to be able to change the fate of an exam, so it is very important, the news about the reform of college entrance examination is also closely concerned by students and parents. Yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education announced a comprehensive reform plan for the general college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province. Let's take a look at the new plans for the reform of college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province.

The total score of Jiangsu college entrance examination is set at 750

It will be implemented from senior high school freshmen entering in the autumn of 2018

In the new college entrance examination mode, the total score is set to 750. The total score of examinees is composed of the scores of Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages in the national unified college entrance examination and the scores of three selective subjects of academic level chosen by examinees.

'3 + 1 + 2' mode

Chinese, mathematics, foreign language three subjects, each 150 points, including foreign language subjects listening test 30 points. Three selective subjects, each with 100 points. Among them, physics and history are included in the total score according to the original score; the other subjects (ideological and political, geography, chemistry, Biology) are included in the total score according to the grade score. For the selective examination subjects selected by students, their examination results must be qualified.

'3 + 1 + 2' mode

'3' refers to the three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and foreign language in the unified college entrance examination;

'1' refers to one subject chosen by candidates in physics and history;

'2' refers to the two subjects selected by candidates in the four selective examination subjects of ideology and politics, geography, chemistry and biology.

It is worth noting that: from 2021, the national unified test papers will be adopted for the three subjects of Chinese, mathematics and foreign language; according to the regulations of the Ministry of education, the selective examination subjects will be set by the provinces themselves.

College entrance examination admission methods have also changed

After the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, the admission mode of the college entrance examination has also changed

Starting from 2021, we will join the "college professional group" as a parallel volunteer. 'College Specialty Group' refers to the combination of majors (categories) in a university that have the same requirements for candidates' selective examination subjects. A college can set up one or more 'college professional groups', and each' College Professional Group 'can contain different number of majors (categories). Each major (category) in the same 'College Professional Group' has the same requirements for candidates' selected subjects.

The college professional group is the basic unit of voluntary filling and enrollment, which is different from the current "college + major (category)" filling and enrollment. The new college entrance examination reform plan is to carry out voluntary filling and enrollment according to "college professional group + major (category)".

According to the unified college entrance examination results and academic level examination results, and referring to the comprehensive quality evaluation of senior high school, colleges and universities take the 'College Professional Group' as an enrollment unit, and admit students according to their majors (categories).

In addition, our province will improve the "cultural quality + vocational skills" based higher vocational college classification examination enrollment method. We should implement the corresponding examination and enrollment methods for ordinary high school graduates, secondary vocational school graduates and social personnel.

The comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in our province mainly includes five aspects: one is to improve the academic level examination system of ordinary high school; the other is to deepen the reform of unified college entrance examination subjects; the third is to establish and improve the comprehensive quality evaluation system; the fourth is to reform the unified College entrance examination enrollment mode; the fifth is to promote the classified examination enrollment of higher vocational colleges.