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Is there an egg at the end of couplet 4? Iron man and black widow are dead

Did you stay up late last night? "Avengers 4: the endgame" premiered at 0:00 on April 24 has no eggs. The film is 181 minutes long, with 169 minutes of story content, 4 minutes of Marvel's 10-year character introduction and 8 minutes of cast subtitles. I believe you will still sit together and watch the final performance staff list, whether crying or laughing. This is our ten-year appointment with marvel!

Avengers alliance 4: the end of the battle

After the global Premiere of Avengers 4 this morning, Beijing time, the film's social media reputation has been lifted!

There are generally two points mentioned in the comments: first, this is a movie that makes you feel up and down, which will make you laugh until you clap your hands and make you cry; second, this movie is the absolute climax of 22 Marvel movies in the universe, which draws a perfect sentence point for this stage and starts a new journey.

Comic book reviewer:

When I watched Fu Lian 4, I laughed very loudly, clapped very hard, and cried very hard. This film surpasses all expectations and is also the perfect climax of the whole Marvel movie universe.

Rotten tomato critic:

Comment without spoiler: fans will be furious.

Fandango reviewer:

"Fu Lian 4" is an epic masterpiece - the true climax of all 22 films, which not only sums up the story, but also expands on it. When this film unfolds, you will have a better understanding of the previous works. If Fulian 3 is a developed muscle, then Fulian 4 is a brain. Wow, wonderful end!

Slash film reviewer:

Even if the best version of "Fu Lian 4" has been imagined, the film has surpassed all expectations. I cried for five or six minutes. This is the most emotional and epic MCU movie. A tribute to the Marvel Universe of the past decade is also a gift to fans. fantastic.

Movie trivia reviewer:

"Fu Lian 4" shocked me. This is an epic summary of all the films of 11 years. There's laughter, incredible action, and roller coaster like emotional experience. This is the end of the series I'm looking forward to. Congratulations to all who have contributed!


"Fu Lian 4" is full of many wonderful comics, you have to be prepared! The wonderful combination of action, emotion and humor, from the beginning to the end, is attractive to watch. It's really a monument of popcorn blockbusters!

In addition, the ban on rotten tomatoes will be lifted at 6 a.m. Beijing time tomorrow. But before that, Chinese audiences have been able to enter the cinema.