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Be careful with the movie spoiler. Is there an egg at the end of the movie?

The final chapter of the Avengers League series, Avengers League 4: the final battle, which premiered at the box office of more than 700 million in advance, has attracted a lot of attention. Of course, the top ten scholars of Fulian can't miss the zero premiere!

I don't know if the loyal fans who watched the zero point premiere were full of tears and used half of the paper towel?

However, after you calm down, you should review the highlights of Fulian 4. Of course, the more you talk about the plot and the colored eggs, the more wonderful it will be. I also want to summarize the movie guide for those who don't want to do the early warning of tears collapse.

(involving a small number of spoilers)!! for those who haven't seen it and don't want to watch it, it's high-energy alert!!)

In fact, the highlights of Fulian 4 are as follows:

1、 The plot connects the first three plots, and it turns out to be more than one in three hours

As we all know, "Avengers 4: the final battle" as the final chapter of the third stage of Marvel Universe, not only needs to make a periodic summary of the previous plot, but also needs to lay the groundwork for the development of the follow-up story. The Russell brothers changed their unreliable directing style and achieved this well.

The final battle, which happened after the Infinite War (i.e. Fulian 3), makes good use of the Avengers' Alliance's recapturing infinite gem to fight against mieba as the story clue, basically connecting the important plots of the first three movies. And it is obvious that the rhythm of the whole movie is divided into two important parts: the search for gems and the final battle against the hegemony.

2、 Unprecedented gathering of superheroes

With Marvel's chess game getting bigger and bigger, the superheroes in our eyes are no longer limited to iron man, Captain America, Thor, black widow, eagle eye and Dr. Benner. While Fulian 4 puts almost all the super British movies you can call in Marvel movies into a war, with an unprecedented strong lineup. I have to admire it. In order to draw a perfect end to the third stage, marvel really took great pains.

3、 Legend ends, heroes don't ask where to go

As Robert Downey Jr., who plays iron man, and Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, have expired their contracts with marvel, they will no longer play duntie, who has been with us for more than ten years. Therefore, another burden of Fu Lian 4 is to put an end to these heroes whose contracts have expired.

When a hero dies, a beauty turns white. You think that the Russell brothers are kind enough to let them retire and live their lives. You really think too much! Although the final battle has turned half the death of the universe, the early Avengers have paid a heavy price!

Finally, only four & hellip; & hellip;

When you see the hero you like fall, and the light goes out slowly somewhere, I don't believe you don't cry! But don't be afraid, there are successors in the US team.

4、 Hidden eggs everywhere, special effects

In recent years, Marvel's best visual effect is doctor strange. But Fulian 4 continues Marvel's eye-catching visual effect. Whether it's mieba's space farm for the aged, waumier, full of sunset and purple planet, or the pancakes spread out by Dr. strange, it's dazzling.

Not only that, the hidden eggs in the film are really one after another. You will not only see familiar faces and scenes, but also those dialogues that have appeared before, stimulating your lacrimal glands every minute.

It's useless to say more. The questions that have been buried in your heart for a long time, and the ideas that are hard to settle in your heart, you will get the answers in "Avengers 4: the final battle"!

Anyway, after the premiere, the movie score has been updated to 9.2. Many people are ready for the second brush. Are you ready? Let's go to the final appointment at all costs!

Oh, by the way, as a final reminder, there are no eggs at the end of the film. All of them are hidden in the film. Don't wait!