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What is the national flower of China? Is peony the national flower of our country

National flower is a symbol of national image. Almost every country has its own national flower. What is our national flower? Is our national flower peony? Let's have a look.

Is peony the national flower of China

When asked what the national flower of China is, I believe many people will say with confidence that it is peony. Peony represents wealth and good meaning. What's more, Liu Yuxi's "Peony demon in front of the court is not qualified, and the lotus on the pond is pure and tender.". However, Xiaobian wants to tell you that China has not yet designated peony as the national flower, so there is no national flower in China at present.

How to become a national flower

It is necessary to have the following conditions: long history of cultivation, strong adaptability, influence in most areas of China, leading in the world. The characteristics of flower posture and color reflect the excellent tradition and character of the Chinese nation. It is widely used and loved by the broad masses of the people. It has high social, environmental and economic benefits.

As early as 1903, the Qing Dynasty designated peony as the national flower. In 1929, the national government determined plum blossom as the national flower. After the founding of new China, the state has not clearly established the national flower. Although not clearly established, but the people are enthusiastic, during which there are many famous flower selection, national flower selection, peony become China's national flower, the voice is very high.