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Why does Sao man and his wife divorce?

#Tiger teeth live broadcast Sao man ා legendary good man, good brother, tiger teeth first brother Sao man was divorced, netizens revealed Sao man's wife trumpet, and blog said 'divorced'! And netizens also found Sao man's wife trumpet has taken Sao man! They were moved a long time ago, now it seems... So why did they divorce?

​​ Tiger teeth popular anchor Sao Nan, I believe everyone is as familiar as me. The audience is most familiar with Sao Nan's full of Sao Qi. Sao Nan's drinking water has conquered a lot of audience. It's too Sao! Although Sao Nan dominates the game and controls thunder and lightning, Sao Nan is a famous wife fearing man in the electronic competition circle! Sao Nan never dares to talk to other girls outside When you go home, you kneel on the washboard, kneel on the keyboard, and don't let Sao Nan in at 2 a.m. (of course, it's not so exaggerated).

&#Previously, lol anchor Sao Nan was regarded by the audience as a rare high-quality anchor. The catchphrase "brother help me" was once popular. He also served as a guest commentator of the S7 World Championships, and won the award of best anchor of the year. And the image of Sao man has always been maintained very well, not only high-quality, playing games can always maintain a calm state of mind, but also with his girlfriend Qiqi has a love story.

It is said that when Sao Nan failed in business and had no money, his mother-in-law took out her savings to support him. Later, Sao Nan became the first brother of tiger tooth and held a wedding with Qiqi. The big men in the circle, including PDD, also came to congratulate him.

Lol Sao man's divorce is hot because of a dog? Female owner's words, netizen: Pink turns black! However, recently Sao man's wind rating in lol live broadcast circle is not very good, live broadcast can't create a new stem, cover ID has been beaten by five rows of bronze dishes, the other four teammates even deliberately act and pretend to beat, create program effect and let Sao man turn over. Therefore, the popularity of Sao man is not as good as before, gradually fading out of the audience's view.

However, on the evening of April 22, Sao Nan was divorced by netizens, and his image of a good man who loves his wife was instantly destroyed! Some careful Netizens found that Sao Nan's wife 77's microblog has not been updated for a long time, and they also cancelled paying attention to Sao Nan's microblog. Later, some netizens found Qiqi's microblog trumpet. She has been posting microblogs for a long time. She is very angry and accuses Sao Nan: "I can only be worthy of him who has nothing & hellip; & hellip; if you are single again, you can be irresponsible and free, and no longer pretend to be grateful for your beloved wife & hellip; & hellip; After seven years of talking with Sao Nan, she finally said to her: 'you've made money all these years, and you've made money that you can't make in your whole life.' "after the news came to light, the key words of Sao Nan's divorce quickly appeared in the front row of microblog hot search.

And Sao Nan's microblog also exploded, and fans left messages saying it was unbelievable. In the past, how sweet the relationship between Sao Nan and Qiqi was in front of the live camera. Who ever wanted to say that they would leave, it was hard for fans to accept. Some netizens also said: "I've become a fan of Sao Nan's divorce!" it seems that Sao Nan's divorce has a great impact on his live broadcast career. People's design collapses, and die hard fans feel cheated and stand on the side of female owners.

Lol Sao man's divorce is hot because of a dog? Female owner's words, netizen: Pink turns black! I remember last July Sao man and his wife went out to eat, and also brought his dog to lick. But the dog had an accident and was killed by a car. So Sao Nan tweeted to apologize to his wife if the driver is humane! But later, Sao Nan's tweet was blasted by netizens because he walked the dog without pulling the rope and made a mistake. The driver was not responsible for driving normally.

Originally, Sao Nan wanted to vent his anger on his wife, but unexpectedly, he got angry with himself, so he had to delete his microblog awkwardly to minimize the impact of the incident. Previously, Sao man's wife Qiqi always tweeted to interact with her fans, but from this day on, her Tuba has hardly tweeted.

Half a year later, Sao Nan and Qiqi divorced, and Qiqi created a microblog trumpet. Is this dog really the cause of their broken relationship? Maybe Qiqi insisted on arguing for his dog, but Sao Nan was worried that it would affect their image, which led to conflicts between them. What's your opinion on the divorce of lol? Welcome to leave a message and share your opinion;