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What kind of documents do you need to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes in other places? What are

If you want to travel to Hong Kong and Macao, you must know how to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao pass. So what kind of certificate do you need to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao pass in other places? What are the relevant policies issued by the Ministry of public security? Let's take a look at the details.

The can apply for the domestic residents who apply for the conditions of the passport in different places, and apply for the processing of the passport and the mainland residents' Taiwan pass in different places. That is to say, they can not handle the registered residence.

At present, the regulations for handling passports and Taiwan pass in different places are as follows:

1. Mainland residents can apply for renewal or reissue of their ordinary passport, Taiwan pass and the same kind of endorsement for going to Taiwan again.

2. Scope of implementation: all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

3, the implementation of the crowd: in non registered residence for 6 months or more, and need to issue a replacement, replacement of ordinary passports, mainland residents to Taiwan pass and application for the same kind of endorsement to the mainland residents (except for the registered state personnel).

4. Materials to be submitted: my household register, ID card and the certificate issued by the public security organ of residence for more than 6 months (including residence permit, temporary residence permit, etc.). When applying for the entry-exit certificate to Taiwan, the supporting materials corresponding to the reasons for the application should also be submitted.

At present, the conditions for handling the pass to and from Hong Kong and Macao are relatively high. The specific provisions are as follows:

1. Employees (except state functionaries registered for the record) shall have valid residence permit of the city for one year or more and social security certificate of the city for one year in succession. The company and individual shall pay a certain amount of tax annually, and the employed company shall have the record in the local public security organ;

2, in the non registered residence of the University, the university students must have the certificates issued by the school and the student's certificates.

3. If you meet the requirements, you can make an appointment for the processing time on the official website of the entry exit department at the listing level, and then I will take the residence booklet + copy, the second generation ID card + copy, the photo + Photo receipt and the certificate listed above to handle it;

4, those who do not meet the above requirements can only do their registered residence.

Here is the process:

1. Fill in the form and make an appointment on the official website of the listing exit entry department;

2. According to the appointment time, take the certificate to the entry exit administration bureau to fill in and hand in the form;

3. Pay by bank card as required;

4. Get the certificate receipt;

5. On or after the date indicated on the receipt, you can get it with your ID card and receipt. It will take about 30 working days.

The relevant policies issued by the Ministry of public security are as follows:

To further facilitate citizens to apply for entry and exit documents, the Ministry of public security has decided to implement the convenient measures for people who have not registered residence in the vicinity to handle immigration documents since July 1, 2013. Qualified personnel may submit their application for ordinary passport, Taiwan pass and endorsement to the exit Entry Administration of the local public security organ by holding the application materials and relevant certification materials required by laws and regulations.

The Ministry of public security authorizes the entry exit administration organs of the public security organs of non registered residence to receive application materials and entry-exit certificates for the exit entry administration organs of the public security organs of the registered residence. The application for entry and exit certificates is still subject to examination and approval by the exit entry administration organs of the public security organs of the applicant's registered residence. The exit Entry Administration Department of the public security organ shall sign and issue the entry certificate within 30 days after accepting the application. The applicant who was told not to sign the entry certificate shall have the right to apply for administrative reconsideration or to initiate administrative proceedings at the place where his registered residence is registered according to law. The public security organs will deal with the applicants who cheat to obtain the exit and entry certificates according to law.