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Why does weight loss reduce breasts? Teach you how to lose weight

Finally succeeded in losing weight, but found that even the chest has lost, how to do? Below to share 5 tips to lose weight, teach you to lose weight without reducing the chest, practice a real S-shape figure. For women, it's not cost-effective to lose weight if you lose weight!

Why does weight loss reduce breasts?

1. First of all, the first reason is physical problems, due to the influence of the chest structure, leading to weight loss first reduce the chest. We all know that fat and breast are the two major components of the breast. The proportion of breast and fat in each girl's breast is not the same. If there is a lot of fat, it will show thin chest when losing weight.

2. Many people heavy taste, eat relatively salty, and salt intake will lead to edema, so weight loss effect is not obvious. Later, only eating cucumber every day will lead to a great reduction of protein. In this way, the blood cells will lack protein, and the water will run to the tissues, so naturally they will not lose weight.

3. Exercise to lose weight

When we lose weight through exercise, we usually reduce fat through aerobic exercise or strength training. It is fat rather than weight that is reduced through exercise. Therefore, the problem also appeared, women's breast tissue structure has 1 / 4 is composed of fat, in the natural state, women with age, breast fat content can rise to 75%, and due to the effect of exercise fat reduction, the breast will inevitably be reduced.

4. Diet to lose weight

Dieting will cause the consumption of body fat, breast fat can not be spared, with the rapid reduction of dieting, breast smaller; even if the breast is not small, it will become loose, sagging, no style.

5. Drug weight loss

Through drug weight loss, the phenomenon of breast shrinkage is most likely to occur. There are a lot of substances that inhibit hormone secretion in weight loss drugs, and studies have proved that the gradual reduction of hormone is the main reason for breast shrinkage.

How does the woman breast enhancement?

Weight loss is easy to cause malnutrition, emaciation, and lead to smaller breasts, greatly reducing the beauty. Therefore, during the weight loss period should pay special attention to diet, weight loss at the same time do not forget to breast.

1. Supplement fat

Breast tissue is rich in fat, which is a storehouse of fat. Therefore, for the good development of the breast, should be appropriate to eat some fat rich food, such as meat, poultry, beans and so on.

Suggestion: in the process of weight loss, basically, vegetable protein can be supplemented from soybean milk, soybean, kidney beans, tofu, soybean products, etc. as long as you don't have flatulence, if you are a little hungry, 250cc milk can also be used as a snack. Animal protein you can eat chicken breast, but to skin, beef is rich in iron and protein, pork is not recommended, because even if you only eat lean meat, fat is still higher than chicken and beef.

2. Supplement water

Drinking more water has a great effect on breast fitness.

3. Supplement collagen

One of the standards of breast fitness is good finish, elasticity and no roughness. Therefore, we should take enough collagen to supplement nutrition for breast. Collagen containing foods mainly include meat skin, pig's hoof, cattle's hoof, beef tendon, chicken wings, etc. At the same time, we should eat more oranges, carrots, eggs and so on

Suggestion: supplement collagen should pay special attention to the heat of collagen, because some collagen will add some additives, which is the source of heat.

4. Regulate hormone secretion

Hormone plays an important role in breast development and maintaining its fullness and elasticity. We should eat more foods rich in vitamin E and conducive to hormone secretion, such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, etc. Vitamin B group is also conducive to hormone synthesis, it exists in coarse grains, milk, pig liver, beef, mushrooms and other foods.

5. Enrich protein

The way to lose weight without oil or meat may make your waist thin, but it may also make your chest 'shrink'. Intake of protein and fat rich foods, such as eggs, fish, lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, beans, fish scale collagen, can make the small flat breast plump up.

Suggestion: drink black soybean milk to supplement protein

Girls in the process of weight loss, generally eat things are very low calorie, more fiber, but the quality of protein is very little. The source of black soybean milk is very good, in addition to providing plant protein, it contains a kind of estrogen (soybean isoflavones) which can effectively regulate the endocrine. For weight loss process, to avoid the chest smaller has a certain help. Note that soy milk should be sugar free. In addition, the three high crowd can also rest assured to drink black soybean milk, because black soybean milk can reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar, avoid diabetes. Using black soybean milk as protein substitute, the iron content is better to avoid the color deterioration in the process of weight loss. Similar protein rich foods include black beans, soybeans, chicken breast, eggs, sesame, etc.

In order to avoid osteoporosis, the human body needs protein to regulate, and important organs need protein to maintain metabolism. The intake of protein should be based on the caloric intake of each person's food. Suppose a person eats 2000 calories a day, and protein accounts for 12% to 15%, that is, about 300 calories. He stressed that when losing weight, the amount of protein should not be reduced when the calories are reduced, so that the relative proportion will be increased, which is more conducive to losing weight.

How to breast massage?

Experience of netizens

'My chest seems to be a little thinner, so try to supplement protein for him! Drink a large glass of milk and nuts after exercise ~ supplement it back! And remember to wear sports underwear ~ '

'remember to practice pectoralis major! The chest won't change into pectoralis major, and neither will the pectoralis major. The pectoralis major will help you straighten your chest. '

'everyone will lose weight first. It's different from person to person. Therefore, in addition to aerobic exercise, we must rely on muscle strength training to shape. Besides fat, there are also large muscles in the chest. You can exercise pectoralis major muscle to make the chest more plump and beautiful. In addition, the protein must be enough, otherwise it's easier to eliminate the fat in the chest. '

"When you lose weight, you need more protein to make sure you don't lose weight."

"I suggest eating more tonic ~ collagen is very important ~ massage is also very important ~ as long as you massage a few acupoints on the chest ~ to lose weight, the chest will not get smaller and may increase ~"