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The Ministry of human resources and social security responded that the pension will be used up in 20

Today, the Ministry of human resources and social security held a press conference in the first quarter of 2019. At the press conference, according to a report issued by some research institutions, the pension fund will be used up in 2035. The Ministry of human resources and social security has made it clear that it will solve this problem and has formulated a series of positive, comprehensive and effective measures to deal with it.

Nie Mingjun, director of the Department of endowment insurance of the Ministry of human resources and social security, responded that the majority of retirees should rest assured that the central government attaches great importance to the sustainable development of endowment insurance and has formulated a series of positive, comprehensive and scientific measures to ensure the long-term, timely and full payment of pension and the healthy and stable operation of the system.

He pointed out that endowment insurance involves everyone's vital interests, the scale of funds is relatively large, the operation cycle is relatively long, so all sectors of the society are very concerned.

As we all know, our country has entered an aging society. By the end of 2018, the population over 60 years old is 249 million, accounting for 17.9% of the total population, of which 167 million are over 65 years old, accounting for 11.9% of the total population. In the context of aging population, the impact on endowment insurance is relatively deep. The most important impact is that the dependency ratio of endowment insurance is declining year by year. In the 1990s, five people supported one person, and by the end of 2018, it had dropped to 2.66. The decline of dependency ratio means that fewer people pay and more people receive money. If it continues, it will bring pressure and challenge to the sustainable development of endowment insurance if we do not take positive measures. 'he said.

Nie Mingjun said that for the sustainable development of endowment insurance, we can deepen our understanding from the following aspects: first, through the implementation of the comprehensive policy of reducing social security rates, we can make the "cake" of endowment insurance bigger and form a virtuous circle of enterprise development and the development of endowment insurance system. On April 10, the State Council issued the comprehensive plan for reducing social insurance premium rate, in which there are two important policies. The first is to reduce the proportion of unit payment of endowment insurance, and the second is to adjust the upper and lower limits of individual payment base. The implementation of these two policies not only reduces the social security burden of enterprises, but also reduces the threshold of insurance payment, which is conducive to improving the enthusiasm of enterprises and employees, bringing more employees into the endowment insurance system, forming a virtuous circle.

Therefore, I understand that the comprehensive policy of reducing social security rates not only enhances the vitality of enterprises, but also helps to make the pension insurance cake bigger and improve the dependency ratio of pension insurance, which is a strategic arrangement of great significance and far-reaching influence. 'he said.

Second, through the implementation of the central fund allocation system, we can balance the burden of endowment insurance among regions, and help difficult regions to ensure the payment. At present, the operation of enterprise endowment insurance is generally stable, the current fund income is greater than the expenditure, and the accumulated balance is increasing. By the end of 2018, the accumulated balance of enterprise endowment insurance fund has reached 4.78 trillion yuan, which has relatively strong security capacity.

Nie Mingjun said frankly that objectively speaking, structural contradictions are quite prominent, and there is a great imbalance between regions. Not only the payment proportion of endowment insurance units is not unified, but also the fund balance is very different.

'My experience is that at present and in the future, structural contradictions are the main contradictions in the operation of endowment insurance. Since the second half of last year, the central government has implemented the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds, which has progressed smoothly and effectively alleviated the structural contradictions. 'Nie Mingjun explained.

The third is to continuously increase the strategic reserve fund, which will continue to be bigger and stronger in the future. Since the beginning of this century, the state has established a strategic reserve fund. Through various measures, the scale of the fund has been expanding. At present, the national social security fund has about 2 trillion strategic reserves, and the work of transferring part of the state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund has started, and will continue to increase the transfer efforts in the future.

Fourth, financial investment in basic endowment insurance is increasing year by year. This year, the central government has allocated 528.5 billion yuan for enterprise endowment insurance, an increase of 9.4% over the same period last year, and local governments have also made corresponding fund arrangements.

Fifthly, other reforms of endowment insurance are progressing steadily, and the internal incentive and restraint mechanism of the system is being further improved. The Ministry of human resources and social security will take comprehensive measures with relevant departments to actively and steadily carry out the investment and operation of endowment insurance funds, increase the intensity of fund central adjustment, continuously improve the level of overall planning, strengthen fund supervision, etc. at the same time, continuously strengthen the self construction of the system, and make the system more efficient The internal incentive and restraint mechanism of paying more and paying more for a long time is more perfect.

In the end, Nie Mingjun gave the retirees a reassurance. "In short, we can clearly say that we are prepared to defuse the payment risk in the future, and the sustainable development of the system can be guaranteed. Please rest assured, please also rest assured the majority of retirees. '