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How about yu'ebao recently? Yu'ebao's income continues to shrink

When it comes to third party payment, Alipay should be the most popular payment software. Alipay has a lot of functions besides payment, which is convenient for all aspects of our daily life. Yu'e Bao is a way of financing that we often use. When we first used yu'e Bao, the interest rate was very high. How can yu'e Bao's income make us rich in the near future?

How about yu'ebao recently

On April 22, according to foreign media reports, Tianhong Yuebao money market fund continued to encounter capital outflow this year, and its capital management scale dropped to the lowest level in two years.

Yu'ebao 7-day annualization

According to the latest report released by Tianhong Yuebao, as of the end of March, the assets under management of the fund had fallen to 1.035 trillion yuan (about 155 billion US dollars)

Yu'ebao's assets have shrunk by more than a third, from 1.69 trillion yuan a year ago. However, foreign media said the fund remained the world's largest money market fund with 588 million investors at the end of 2018.

According to the first quarter report of yu'ebao, as of March 31, 2019, the net return rate of the fund in the current reporting period is 0.6169%, and the benchmark return rate of performance in the same period is 0.3381%.

At the end of the report period, the fund's asset portfolio: fixed income investment accounted for 12.18% of the fund's total assets, all of which were bonds; repurchase financial assets accounted for 30.73%; bank deposits and settlement provisions accounted for 56.96%.

As shown in the figure, the seven day annualized yield of yu'ebao is about 2.309%.