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New rules of SARFT's game interpretation: how cool should the Jedi survive this time?

From April 22, the examination and approval of domestic and imported games will be opened nationwide, and the game version number declaration will be officially restarted. And many new rules are also worth the attention of game players, many netizens are very worried, this time the Jedi survival is not cool!

But there are also new rules, in which the props extraction system can not be expressed as the percentage of extraction probability, and must be accurate to several times. Religious superstition, fortune telling, green blood and so on can not appear. No liquid of any color can appear in the fighting system. The corpse needs to disappear as soon as possible. Among them, it's hard not to remind people of the game "survival of the Jedi" in terms of the rules on the blood of the game. Does it mean "survival of the Jedi" is going to be cold?

It's not the first time that SARFT's rules on game scale have appeared. A long time ago, a large amount of red blood was prohibited in the game. In order to avoid this, survival of the Jedi showed the blood in simplified Chinese as green, while in other language systems, the blood was still red.

All along, this practice has been tacitly approved by the State Administration of radio, film and television. After a long time, people gradually get used to the green blood in "survival of the Jedi". However, this regulation specifically emphasizes that no blood of any color is allowed, even green blood, which makes you see at a glance that this is definitely aimed at "survival of the Jedi.".

Since 17 years ago, the national service of "survival of the Jedi" has been rumored to be launched soon, and will be represented by Tencent. Tencent even launched the activity of binding the QQ number to the Jedi account. However, the wishes of the majority of domestic players have failed, and the national service has been unable to get the version number to go online. It is said that because the State Administration of radio, film and television (SARFT) does not recognize the game mode of "killing people and robbing things", Tencent has to take the second place. It has launched two legitimate mobile games "exciting battlefield" and "attack the whole army" for survival of the Jedi.

Although the current "stimulate the battlefield" and "attack the whole army" are very popular in the mobile game market, whether the national service of the end game "survival of the Jedi" can be launched or not is still a matter of concern for many players. Now, with the latest regulation of SARFT, it seems that the national service of "survival of the Jedi" has completely gone.

Not only that, even hand swimming may be involved. After all, there will be green blood in "exciting battlefield" and "whole army attack". Although it's not as lifelike as on the computer, it's also easy to identify. In this way, maybe the mobile game will also make adjustments, and the effect of hitting the opponent in the game may be different from what it is now.

After all, with the continuous development of mobile Internet technology, games are becoming younger. In order to prevent teenagers and children from being guided by bad games, it is necessary to strengthen supervision. Also hope that the domestic game environment is getting better and better, more and more high-quality games.