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How to lose weight more effectively and quickly? Teach you to be a lean man

Modern people are puffy because they sit in front of the computer for a long time to work, or study, and lack of exercise. Many female friends are not satisfied with their figure. So how to lose weight effectively?

To control the diet, you should first make your own weekly recipe, then make three meals a day. You'd better refer to the calorie map, which can better match the nutritional diet. In the morning and noon, you can have an egg and a cucumber, and in the evening, you can drink pure milk, and you can also have some beef and chicken. Only cucumber and egg are the fastest to lose weight

The second is to control the amount of food for each meal. The most important thing is to eat breakfast. You can eat less or not for dinner, which is the most important thing. Of course, you can also cooperate with the auxiliary meal substitute powder or milk shake. Meal replacement is now a very hot weight loss products. It can increase the sense of fullness and at the same time supplement the corresponding nutrition. Fruit can clean up the intestinal flora and play an important role in promoting the digestion of the intestine and stomach. In addition, fruit is rich in a lot of nutrition, which makes our body indispensable nutrition, so that we can achieve the purpose of nutrition supplement and weight loss. Can more fitness, promote weight loss. It is mainly based on normal exercise. It can carry out strength exercise and flexibility exercise, muscle exercise, push ups and other sports, which are necessary for basketball. If you want to play basketball well, you should exercise your body first, so that you can not only play basketball well, but also exercise your body and burn.

Eat less fatty food, such as peanut, walnut, sesame and all kinds of animal oil, butter and fried food should also be controlled. The non-staple food can be lean meat, fish, eggs, soybean products, vegetables and fruits with less sugar, and drink more water. Drinking plenty of water can help the body get rid of toxic substances and also help 'melt' fat. Drink one glass before lunch, and another tomato juice and water 20 minutes before lunch.