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What are the benefits of lemon face dressing? The right way to apply lemon to face

Lemon is a kind of fruit that everyone likes very much. It is favored by many women because of its functions of whitening skin care, delaying aging and improving immunity. When lemon is used for skin care, can lemon directly apply to face? What are the benefits of lemon applying to face?

Can lemon apply directly on the face

It's better not to apply lemon directly on your face

Because lemon contains strong irritant citric acid, direct contact with the skin will make the skin sensitive and fragile, even burn the skin. But lemon can be diluted and applied on the face, which will make the skin shrink pores, smooth and compact, and play a whitening role.

What are the benefits of lemon face dressing

Inhibition of pigmentation

Lemon is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, organic acid and citric acid. The organic acid in lemon can neutralize the alkaline substance on the surface of skin. It has a strong anti-oxidation effect. It can prevent and remove the pigmentation in the skin and remove the grease and dirt.

Increase skin elasticity

Lemon contains vitamin C and fruit acid, which can resist bacteria, soften and clean skin, and can deeply clean and increase facial elasticity.

The right way to apply lemon to face

Wash face with diluted lemon water

1. Take fresh and washed lemon juice.

2. Then dilute with water at least twice as juicy as lemon.

3. Wash your face with diluted lemonade or wipe your face with a cotton pad.

4. Finally, wash your face with clean water. Effect: it can whiten and lighten spots, resist oxidation and delay skin aging.

Apply yogurt and lemon to face

1. Drop a few drops of lemon juice into the yogurt and add a little honey appropriately.

2. After mixing evenly, apply evenly on the face.

3. After 15 minutes, wash with warm water. Effect: it can improve the condition of dry skin, moisten the skin and brighten the complexion.