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A guide to the Navy's 70th anniversary parade

Original title: here is a guide to the Navy's 70th anniversary parade

Qingdao port is very busy these two days. From time to time, ships from various countries arrive, waiting to attend today's grand meeting on April 23.

On April 23, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy, a grand naval parade will be held in Qingdao and the nearby sea and air areas. Naval missions from more than 70 countries from all continents will attend the event, and more than 30 of them will be led by major naval leaders.

China will send 32 ships, including aircraft carriers, new nuclear submarines and new destroyers, to the audience, some of which will be on display for the first time. At the same time, 39 fighters, including early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, anti submarine patrol aircraft, bombers, fighters, shipborne fighters and shipborne helicopters, will also be read.

Nearly 20 ships from more than 10 countries including Russia, Japan, India, Thailand and Vietnam will also participate in the parade. The Qingdao sea parade is not only a grand event of China's military diplomacy, but also an important exhibition of the achievements of China's Navy's' upgrading 'in recent years.

Now, as a tour guide, let's review the construction process of the people's navy and mark the main highlights of this sea parade.

1、 The people's Navy initially had only 13 men

When introducing the parade to the outside world, Qiu Yanpeng, deputy commander of the Navy, once said that when the people's Navy set sail from Baima temple, all its assets were just 'a few iron hulled ships and wooden ships that basically lost their combat effectiveness. '

It can be added that when the people's navy was established in 1949, there were only 13 members, including Zhang Aiping, commander of the Shanghai army.

The motion to establish the people's Navy originated in early 1949. When Mao Zedong drafted the party's tasks in 1949, he made a special provision: "in 1949 and 1950, we should strive to form an air force that can be used and a navy that can defend the coastal areas and rivers. This possibility exists. '

On April 23, 1949, the same day the battle of crossing the Yangtze River began, Zhang Aiping announced the establishment of the navy of the East China Military Region in Baimamiao, with only 13 members. Her mission was to accept the naval ships of the Kuomintang uprising.

Before that, the light cruiser Chongqing, the main warship of the Kuomintang army, had revolted under the leadership of Deng Zhaoxiang. As a result, Chongqing was damaged by repeated bombing by the Kuomintang air force and sank in Huludao harbor on March 20.

On April 23, 1949, KMT general Lin Zunyou led 9 warships, 21 warships and 1271 officers and men of the second Coast Defense Fleet to revolt, which was the largest uprising in the KMT naval campaign.

Lin Zun was also commander of the Spratly Islands following the surrender of Japan after World War II. Today, Taiping island in Spratly Islands is the name of Lin.

On the day of the announcement of the establishment of the navy of the East China military region, Zhang Aiping took the other 12 people to Jiangyin, where she transferred a total of 4000 troops from three fields and incorporated them into the people's navy.

These 4000 people and the uprising troops together constitute the predecessor of the people's navy.

Because the main ships were either bombed or escaped, the people's navy was not rich at first.

2、 'enter the era of double carriers'

A while ago, I saw a chart of naval output of major countries in recent years. The proportion of Chinese navy is more than half.

Indeed, the leap of the Chinese navy has taken place mainly in the last five years.

The London based International Institute for strategic studies published a survey report on global naval forces last year, which said that in terms of gross tonnage, the total number of naval ships built by China in the four years from 2014 to 2017 was close to the size of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, while French Navy chief of staff Prazak said in a report submitted to the Senate: "China's navy has been built in four years We have a French navy. '

In 2018 and 2019, the strength of the Chinese navy is still growing by leaps and bounds. The first domestic aircraft carrier 001a has been tested at sea for five times. It is a fact that China has entered the era of double carriers.

Military fans are already waiting for the legendary 003 carrier, which uses electromagnetic ejection technology. The Chinese aegis warship and other warships have also shown acceleration in their service.

Some people are not adapted to the growth of the Chinese navy. But a big country should have the important weapon of national defense. China will shoulder more international and regional security responsibilities and provide more public security products for the Asia Pacific region and even the world.

The "China's military strategy" issued in 2015 clearly pointed out: "China is still facing multiple and complex security threats, and the external resistance and challenges are gradually increasing. The problems of survival security and development security, traditional security threats and non-traditional security threats are intertwined, and the tasks of maintaining national unity, territorial integrity and development interests are arduous. '

Based on the judgment of strategic situation, the goal of China's Navy construction is--

In accordance with the strategic requirements of offshore defense and offshore escort, we will gradually transform the offshore defense type into the combination of offshore defense and offshore escort type, build a comprehensive, multi-functional and efficient maritime combat force system, and improve the capabilities of strategic deterrence and counterattack, maritime mobile operations, maritime joint operations, integrated defense operations and integrated support. '

3、 Warships of various countries in the sea parade

According to Qiu Yanpeng, deputy commander of the Navy, the 32 Chinese warships will be divided into 6 groups, 39 of which will be divided into 10 echelons, and the sea formation will be carried out by means of single column navigation and flight echelon follow-up. It's estimated to take an hour.

Many netizens are also concerned about the access of other countries. Among them, the most powerful is the Russian warship formation.

The missile frigate, Admiral Gorshkov, was transferred from Russia's farthest Northern Fleet and is Russia's latest surface ship. Gorshkov was the commander of the Soviet Navy during the cold war, which the West called "Mahan of the Soviet Union.".

In the future, Russia will equip 45 such ships. The other two ships in the Russian fleet are the Pacific Fleet's "admiral tributz" large anti submarine ship and an ocean going rescue ship.

Ocean going rescue ships are also relatively technical. This formation combination is a defense and rescue type combination, but it can also show the development achievements of Russia in recent years.

Japan's Maritime Self Defense Force dispatched the general purpose Destroyer "liangyue" of Qiuyue class. This is the first Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force warship to visit China since December 2011.

The so-called Autumn Moon class is mainly responsible for the air defense, anti submarine and anti-ship operations of the aircraft carrier fleet. Qiuyue was the first ship built and launched, so it's called Qiuyue class.

At this level, there are also 'Dongyue' and 'zhaoyue', which form a combat network with 'Qiuyue' and 'liangyue'.

Japan used to call the Qiuyue class frigate. In fact, the Qiuyue class has reached the level of frigate and destroyer.

India is another focus. India is sending the destroyer Calcutta. At present, it is the strongest main warship of the Indian Navy. It is also known as "Indian Aegis", and its targets are 052d and 055 of the Chinese navy.

However, regardless of the missile launching nuclear device and active phased array radar system on board, the tonnage of the 'Calcutta' is 7500 tons. In the latest propaganda film "Chinese Navy, forces for peace" released recently by the Chinese Navy, the 0.55 million ton destroyer with a side number of 101 was disclosed for the first time. This means that it may be seen in the pictures of the sea parade.

Other countries, such as Brunei's' darutakwa 'patrol ship, Singapore's' strong' frigate, South Korea's' Gyeonggi do 'frigate and so on, although their combat power is no better than that of destroyers, it is also good to look at their military appearance.

The sea parade must be shocking. At the same time, it also conveys the message that China has the ability to safeguard its core interests and provide more public security products for the region and the world.