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Shunfeng group responds to the fact that the courier opens the package privately and does not tolera

SF Express has always been a company with good reputation in the industry, but yesterday it was hot searched for one thing. A female netizen tweeted that a staff member of Shunfeng privately opened his package and took photos to send to her friends, and then harassed herself by using the information on the express and his wechat.

SF express private open customer packages and add customer wechat harassment

On April 22, some netizens said that SF express opened her package privately and scattered cosmetics on the bed. And with text, pretending to be a girlfriend's item. What makes her even more angry is that the courier also added her wechat message, which contains harassment content.

Shunfeng group responded to the courier's private unpacking and said it would not tolerate it

In this regard, @ SF group made an official micro apology, and said that it would not condone any improper behavior in violation of laws, regulations and corporate code of conduct. SF has launched an investigation.

The user said that this incident made him feel afraid, "because I was afraid that he would take apart my cosmetics and pour in other unknown liquids. After all, we all know how expensive girls' cosmetics and skin care products are. What's more terrible is the occurrence of this kind of behavior. '

Comments from netizens

For this matter, many netizens expressed anger and hope that the victim users can protect their own safety

Some people also said that this kind of thing is only a small probability event.