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What's wrong with the function of the rightmost recovery part? The app store is still unable to down

On April 22, the official microblog of the rightmost app said: 'after a month of separation, Xiaoyou has finally come back! At present, most of the functions of APP have been restored, but due to the continuous technical optimization of Xiaoyou, some functions and contents can not be used and browsed for the time being. 'what's the right most recovery function? What's the matter with the app mall still unable to download?

The rightmost app said: 'currently, the corresponding app is still unable to download in major app stores. Please wait patiently. Xiaoyou will inform you immediately after recovery. In order to make the rightmost more warm and harmonious, please make sure that the content you publish is legal and compliant. When you encounter illegal content and behavior, please report it in time. Xiaoyou will put them in a small black room. '

The rightmost app is a kind of network information software launched by Beijing Xiaochuan Technology Co., Ltd. on December 1, 2014. It takes users're creation of content (God comments) as the core. The platform is mainly divided into four parts: big guy, recommendation, comment and topic (personalized recommendation, hot post reply and discussion of hot and funny topics). It mainly provides users with content bearing, secondary comments and comments Display and other functions.

According to tianyancha data, the rightmost company is Beijing Xiaochuan Technology Co., Ltd., which was punished three times in 2018 for engaging in Internet audio-visual program services without authorization, with a total of 21000 yuan. In 2017, Li Jinbo, its founder, pledged his equity to an enterprise controlled by a Hong Kong company. The company also incubated the community product "Pipi funny".