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What certificate should I apply for to Taiwan? What do you need to prepare for going to Taiwan

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people began to travel life, many friends want to go to our Taiwan to have a look, so what certificate should we apply for to Taiwan? What do you need to prepare for going to Taiwan? Let's have a look.

What certificate do I need to apply for to Taiwan? You don't need a passport to go to Taiwan. You have to have two documents for free travel in Taiwan: the mainland residents' pass to and from Taiwan and the Republic of China's Taiwan entry and exit permit.

1、 Taiwan travel endorsement is a necessary proof to go to Taiwan, China. The valid period of "mainland residents' pass to and from Taiwan" is 5 years, and the valid period of individual travel endorsement is 6 months.

Chinese mainland tourists Chinese mainland tourists to Taiwan, Penghu, China, China, and other places of interest. From 2015 New Year's day, Chinese tourists will visit Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu and other tourist attractions in China. If they apply to the mainland China entry and exit administration department to apply for the 'mainland residents to Taiwan pass' and travel endorsement, they can apply directly for the entry permit of the Taiwan region of China (only Taiwan Offshore Islands).

2、 Exit entry permit (Taiwan, Republic of China). It is the certificate issued by the Taiwan's internal affairs department to the Chinese mainland (including Hong Kong and Macao) residents to enter and leave the Taiwan area.

There are three types of entry permit: single pass, successive pass, multiple pass in one year and multiple pass in three years. Holders of Taiwan passport do not need to apply for Taiwan entry permit. Holders of foreign passport should apply for Taiwan visa unless visa free is applicable. Holding a Taiwan passport or other foreign passport or travel document is not allowed to apply for a Taiwan entry permit.

Extended information:

The exit Entry Administration Bureau of Jinan Public Security Bureau will start to accept the application of the city's residents for individual travel to Taiwan from August 28, 2012. Residents of the city can apply for the "mainland residents' pass to and from Taiwan" and individual tourist visa at the nearest entry and exit processing point of the city.

The exit Entry Administration of the public security organ will issue the "mainland residents' pass to and from Taiwan" and the "g" endorsement to the residents who have been approved to travel to Taiwan. The valid period of the "mainland resident pass to Taiwan" is 5 years, and the valid period of the individual travel endorsement is 6 months. The holder's stay in Taiwan shall not exceed 15 days from the next day after entering Taiwan, China. The time limit for the first time to apply for the "mainland residents pass to and from Taiwan" and personal travel endorsement is 10 working days.

Before the target, 26 cities open for free travel in Taiwan: Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Tianjin, Dalian, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Xi'an, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Changchun, Hefei, Changsha, Nanning, Kunming, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou.

From September, Chinese Taiwan residents can log on to the one stop website of Hong Kong Government of China for pre registration of Chinese Taiwan residents. They only need to fill in their name, date of birth, number of Taiwan ID card and travel document for returning to Taiwan and other information. The computer system will process the application and display the results in real time. They only need to print the notice on A4 paper, The visa is valid for two months, during which you can enter Hong Kong twice, and each stay should not be more than 30 days;

In November 9, 2014, China's Taiwan authorities announced that the Chinese mainland tourists could quickly collect evidence for the tour to Taiwan, and the "quick processing fee" was scheduled to open from January 1, 2015. For group or individual visitors who want to get the examination and certification quickly, they can apply for urgent processing, and each person will be charged NT $300 for each working day in advance.