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What are the most popular campus dramas this year? Several youth campus dramas highly recommended in

Now there are more and more online TV dramas. This year, there are many campus dramas, war dramas, love dramas and so on, which are very good-looking and have high ratings. Especially, campus dramas are very popular with young people. What are the most popular campus dramas this year? Let's have a brief understanding of several youth campus dramas highly recommended in 2019.

"That year in a hurry" stars Bai Jingting, he Hongshan, and Yang Xun. The plot is that five people get to know each other because of a farce, and finally become the most innocent and good friends. After graduation, the five of them went their own way because of all kinds of things. Chen Xun didn't go to the end with his beloved woman.

"The best of us" stars Liu Haoran and Tan songyun. The plot tells us that the two masters know each other on campus from the beginning and gradually become good friends. Finally, after getting along for a long time, their feelings became deeper and deeper. They felt that they liked each other, but they didn't dare to express because they were afraid of being rejected. They didn't contact each other for ten years after graduation, so they should meet again in the hospital. Finally, they expressed their feelings to each other, and then they decided to face each other together.

Hu Yitian and Shen Yue play the leading roles in "to our simple little beauty". The plot tells that they should meet each other on campus. Through getting along and fighting on campus, they both have a good feeling for each other and find a way to get married and live a happy life together.

"Hello, old time" stars Li landi and Zhang Xincheng. The story tells of their learning. Fortunately, you have become an ally in the rain. We went through all kinds of things together, happy things finally became lovers. Unfortunately, in the same school and classroom with Yu Zhouzhou, her best friend left because she was terminally ill. At that time, Yu Zhouzhou was sad for several days. Because of this, Lin Yang and Yu Zhouzhou knew how to cherish each other's every day.

"The spring breeze is not as good as you" tells the story of Qiushui's eight year college career in which he met his lover Xiaohong and Xiaohong