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Can dog lick wound get rabies? How to do by dog lick wound

A lot of people like to have dogs. Dogs are also relatives. They like to rub and lick their owners. So will encounter the dog lick to the master wound, so once the dog licked to the wound how to do? Will get rabies?

What's the matter with the dog licking the wound

1. Rabies may be transmitted

Generally, domestic dogs need to be vaccinated regularly every year. Dogs and wild dogs that are not vaccinated may carry rabies virus, and many cats and dogs that carry rabies virus will not get sick, and rabies virus exists in a large number of salivary glands and saliva of dogs, which is infectious.

Therefore, if the dog carrying rabies virus licks the wound of the body, the virus is likely to invade the human body through the wound, causing virus infection.

2. It may cause septicemia

The dog's mouth is warm and moist, and it can easily become a culture dish for all kinds of bacteria. It contains a lot of bacteria, especially the 'dog bites carbon dioxide fibrophilic bacteria'. Basically, 3 / 4 of the dog's mouth will have this kind of bacteria.

Therefore, after the dog licks the wound or the mucous membrane of the face, the dog bites the carbon dioxide fibrophilic bacteria and invades the human body, which may cause serious septicemia.

How did dog lick wound to do

After the dog licks the wound, it is recommended to wash the wound with soapy water, iodine and alcohol in time, and then go to the hospital to inject rabies vaccine as soon as possible.

There are two exceptions: 1. The wound is scarred and there is no bleeding or exudation of tissue fluid; 2. The dog is licked by the domestic dog who has been vaccinated regularly every year, and the dog is still alive after 10 days without rabies attack.

What does dog lick hand stand for

Dogs growing up in different environments may have different meanings in licking their hands

1. The dog wants you to take him out to play.

2. The dog wants you to touch it.

3. The dog wants you to give him something to eat.

4. The dog is familiar with your smell.

5. The dog wants to ask for your forgiveness.

6. The dog is expressing that he likes you and trusts you.

What is the behavior of dog licking face

Dog licking face may express three meanings: one is that the dog likes you very much and trusts you very much; the other is that the dog is hungry and wants you to eat; the third is that after the dog makes a mistake, he will lick your face and ask for forgiveness.

be careful:

There are nasal mucous membrane, eye mucous membrane and oral mucous membrane in the face, and the defense ability of these mucous membrane parts is very weak. Bacteria and viruses are likely to exist in the dog's mouth. Therefore, people with poor immunity, such as the elderly and children, should try their best to avoid the licking behavior of domestic dogs, and avoid the licking of unfamiliar dogs who may carry rabies virus.