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How to open a Taobao store? Detailed process steps of opening Taobao store

We all know that the e-commerce industry is a relatively profitable industry at present. Many friends want to open a small shop on the Internet. Is it troublesome to open a Taobao shop? If you want to open a Taobao shop, what is the detailed process? Let's understand it.

1、 What is the shop opening process?

Step 1: register Taobao account

The second step: Alipay account binding

The third step: Alipay real name authentication

The fourth step: Taobao open shop certification, directly open shop, please click on the "free shop" button, when you Alipay real name authentication operation, click back to Taobao store opening page, at this time, you can simultaneously carry out Taobao shop certification operation, as follows:

After clicking "authentication now", your page will enter the Taobao store authentication page. Please read the prompt information carefully and fill in according to the prompt information

After completing the above information, click 'submit', as shown in the figure below;

After the Taobao certification shop is submitted successfully, please return to the Taobao store opening page, submit the 2 working days after the examination, you can click to view the progress. At this point, Alipay real name authentication and Taobao shop certification before the establishment of the store has been successfully operated, just waiting for the result of the audit.

2、 What are the charges for opening a shop?

1. Taobao needs to pay 1000 security money in the early stage of opening a shop, which can be returned to you at any time when it doesn't open a shop, mainly to prevent you from cheating on Taobao.

2. When the shop is open, the cost of a net shop is 50 yuan a month. If your reputation is less than 1 drill in the early stage, then your shop is free. You will charge 50 yuan per month after you get to the first drill.

3. Taobao shop decoration can be simple decoration, this is free, if you find someone to do professional decoration, the price is 300-500 yuan.

The rest is the use of marketing tools. Generally speaking, some discount tools will be used, which costs 10 yuan a month. There is also a marketing tool with package, which costs 5 yuan a month, and video marketing tool, which costs 2.5 yuan a month. There is also a very practical Taobao baby related marketing tool, a month is 10 yuan. Generally speaking, the initial investment of new stores is enough.

If you have the idea to open a Taobao store recently, you can follow the steps written by Xiaobian above. In fact, there are not many documents to prepare for opening a store, such as bank card and ID card, and the cost is very small, but the later cost is relatively high, so Xiaobian thinks that you still want to make it clear and see if you can bear these things!