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How to book Shenzhen passport online? Shenzhen passport processing process

It's an information age now. You don't have to go out to apply for a passport. You can do it online. How can you make an appointment to apply for a Shenzhen passport online? The following Shenzhen passport processing process at a glance to see.

Methods / steps:

Open the "search" function of wechat.

Enter "Shenzhen public security" in the query box, and click on the official account.

Enter the Shenzhen public security official account, click on the lower left corner of the 'people's livelihood' option.

Select one click login, and bind wechat before binding.

Enter the page, there is a distinction between deep door and non deep door, please choose according to your actual situation.

Go into the appointment interface, select the nearest service hall, select the time period of your own processing, and click next.

Please read the agreement carefully, and then click "agree" agreement.

Fill in your own information and submit your application.

After the appointment is successful, you can go to the corresponding service hall according to your appointment time.