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What materials do you need to apply for Shenzhen passport? What are the precautions for handling She

Shenzhen is one of the first tier cities. There are too many people yearning for Shenzhen. Whether they go to work, live or travel in Shenzhen, they can't do without their Shenzhen passport. So what materials do they need to apply for their Shenzhen passport? What should we pay attention to when handling Shenzhen passport? Let's have a look.

the applicant's ID card, residence booklet and copies; during the period of getting, replacing and renewing the ID card, the applicant can submit the temporary ID card. Residents under the age of 16 shall bring their own household register (collective household registration shall submit the permanent resident registration form), the original ID card of their guardians and the original materials (such as household register, birth certificate, etc.) that can prove their guardianship relationship, and shall be accompanied by their guardians.

A bareheaded photo and a completed application form for Chinese citizens going abroad for private purposes. The following items are required for children under 16 years old to apply for a passport:

1. The children were present.

2. The original and copy of household register, and the copy with seal on the first page.

3. The original and copy of parents' ID card.

Extended information:

matters needing attention:

The conditions, time limit and charging standard of applying for e-ordinary passport are the same as before, but in terms of processing procedures, the contents of collecting the applicant's fingerprint information and signing his name on the spot are added.

Fingerprint collection: for citizens over the age of 16 applying for electronic ordinary passport, the exit Entry Administration of public security organs should collect the fingerprint information of the applicant on the spot.

If a citizen under the age of 16 applies for an electronic ordinary passport and the guardian agrees to provide the fingerprint information of the applicant, the exit Entry Administration of the public security organ may collect the fingerprint information on the spot. If the applicant is unable to suppress his fingerprints due to missing or damaged fingerprints, fingerprint information may not be collected.