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Why does a cat suddenly hump its back? What are the reasons for cat hair explosion

Do you often see the cat's hair exploding for the cat's excrement shoveling officer? The cat's hair exploding refers to the sudden explosion of the cat's hair, which is similar to the human's sweat hair standing up, and bends the body up like an arch bridge. In cartoons, we often see that cats make the action of erecting their whole body hair, which is the so-called 'cat hair blowing'.

Why do cats suddenly explode

Cats are prone to hair explosion when they feel threatened or frightened. There is basically only one reason for a cat to explode its hair, that is, it is frightened, or there are people or animals in the surrounding environment that threaten it. At this time, the meow people are on high alert. They need to arm themselves immediately to prepare for battle.

Cat hair explosion is an innate stress response, that is to say, very small suckling cats will have such a response when they are frightened.

Because the cat's fur is like human hair, the bottom of the cat's hair is connected to the hair follicles in the skin. The follicle muscles grow in an inclined direction. When a cat is frightened, the muscles around its small hair follicles contract subconsciously, making the cat's hair stand up. It's a smart defense response, because the blown up cat looks twice as big as usual, which can have a deterrent effect on the attackers. Cats not only erect all their hair, but also bow their backs and bear their waist and abdomen as much as possible to show their strength and height, so as to protect themselves.

Why do cats suddenly explode

However, it is not easy for young cats to control their emotions. They are curious about everything around them. A little bit of movement will cause their ideas, so it is easy for them to explode. Generally speaking, kittens under the age of 6 months sometimes jump to and fro with their owners because they feel bored and want to play. At this time, the kittens are in the period of social learning. At this time, the kittens are very friendly to their companions or people around them and other animals. They are willing to learn and play. It seems that they can't stop for a moment. When they feel bored, they will start to use various means to let people around them or other cats and dogs play with them. Hump back hair blasting is one of the ways to attract attention.

Although the kittens arched back and fried hair, but they did not want to attack any meaning. Sometimes, they will learn zombie straight four legs jump back and forth, pretending to be in an emergency was scared, looking very funny. If you see your cat like this, play with it for a while. It can't wait to play a game.