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How to set up the most secure wechat? What should we pay attention to in terms of wechat security

We use wechat every day. Wechat has become an indispensable part of our life. How can we set up the most secure wechat? What should we pay attention to in wechat security? Now let's take a look.

how to set up the most secure wechat? Log in to your wechat account, and there is a vertical '& hellip;' in the upper right corner. After clicking, a drop-down menu will appear. Click the 'Settings' option in the drop-down menu.

After clicking 'Settings', we click the first' my account '. As can be seen from the figure, the account is already in a protected state and belongs to a relatively secure account.

After clicking 'my account', we can clearly see the cautious attitude of wechat towards account security management. The whole page, in addition to the above four and account related, the following content all involves security issues. For example, 'independent password', 'account protection', 'mobile phone security protection' and 'wechat security center', these options are not only measures to protect the user's account security by wechat, but also means to remind users to pay attention to the security of their personal account.

Open the independent password page. The figure shows the security management of wechat personal account. The reason why we need to open an independent password is that many friends' wechat is registered with QQ number, and its password is consistent with that of QQ number. Hao also reminds you that many account passwords are consistent, which is extremely unsafe. It's better to have different passwords for each account. At least, each password can't be completely consistent.

Go back to the upper level and open the wechat account protection function. We just need to turn this function on. The account protection shown in the figure is shown in green, which proves that the account has been protected.

Go back to the previous level and turn on the 'mobile security' function. Wechat is an application software installed on the mobile phone. Its own security measures are in place, which does not mean 100% security. Mobile phone security is also a very important aspect, so wechat also adds mobile phone security protection options.

Open the wechat security center function. It is the official way for wechat to give solutions after problems arise. No matter what kind of security problems you encounter, you can go to wechat security center to solve them.

matters needing attention:

The security problem of microblog is the same as that of wechat. It has the payment function. We need to improve the risk awareness of microblog account security. Even if we don't open this function, we still can't ignore the security management of account, because there are many personal privacy on microblog that you don't want others to know. For example, the authenticated microblog has personal identity information. The security settings of microblog account are similar to the management and wechat. You can find the relevant content on the settings page. You can operate step by step according to its guidelines. I won't repeat them here.