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What are the weaknesses of the game of Thrones Season 8? How did the night King die

The biggest boss in the game of power must belong to the night king. As a big boss, his ending will not be good. Someone spoiled the final season in which the night king died, so the game of power how the night king died in the eighth season? Follow Xiaobian to understand it.

Game of power Season 8 how the night king died: the night king has existed for so many seasons, and is dying at last. The night king will die in the last episode of the end season, in the fight. Many people can't believe that the night king will die. After all, his power is so great that he can turn a corpse into a ghost who listens to his instructions, or turn an ordinary normal person into a ghost. Because of his infinite power, his ghost army is really huge.

In the last episode, the night King leads the ghost army to the south. At this time, there are a lot of troops in Yingchao City, who work together to repel the ghost army. Later, when yewang was fighting against regor, he accidentally hurt his eyes, so his vitality was greatly hurt. At this time, he was stabbed by Longjing's long gun. At this time, yewang was already very vulnerable, and there was no chance of winning the counterattack. At this time, snow arrived at the scene, and zhuogeng sprayed dragon flame at yewang, because yewang was afraid of dragon flame, so he was burned to death At this time, after the big boss of the night king died, it was the battle between cersei and snow. In fact, the night king hates the son of the forest very much, because the son of the forest has become the night king from an ordinary person.

The night king just wants to be an ordinary person, and he doesn't want to do what he is doing now, but he died because of Longyan. In fact, it's really sad to see the night king like this. He did so much just to be an ordinary person, and all his beliefs collapsed when he died. The ghosts created by the night king did not disappear because of the death of the night king, but were injured, so they all hid. The origin of the game of power night King: everyone has always been a little curious about the existence of night king. Thousands of years ago, the son of the forest created a new species with magic dragon crystal. It has a body that is not old for thousands of years and is very powerful. But he is afraid of fire and dragon crystal. In fact, it's almost the same as his ghost, but the night king is much stronger.