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Mercedes Benz owners respond to debts and protect their rights

Car owner's response: enterprises and individuals should be separated

Women owners of Mercedes Benz

Recently, Wang Jing, the owner of Mercedes Benz, who is defending his own rights, has been accused of "running away with money" and has fallen into debt. In response, Wang Jing's boyfriend Chen Xing (pseudonym) replied to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that enterprises and individuals should be separated, while Mr. Chen said that there was almost no debt for the amount owed.


Mercedes Benz owners in debt

Mr. Gao is the owner of a restaurant in Shanghai. According to Mr. Gao, he once settled in a joint marketing food city project in 2018, but not long after it opened, the food city was closed due to default of property fees, and the deposit and decoration money paid by Mr. Gao were also wasted. Like Mr. Gao, many merchants or suppliers who had settled in the food city were in default of all kinds of money, up to hundreds of dollars Ten thousand yuan.

Tianyancha information shows that the company is located in Shanghai Fengxian District of Shanghai Jingji Cultural Development Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 100000 yuan, the legal representative is Huang Yixiang, and Wang Jing is the supervisor of the company.

According to media reports, Wang Jing once admitted that Shanghai Jingji's arrears to suppliers were due to the company.

According to the statistics of debt collectors, Shanghai Jingji Cultural Development Co., Ltd. owed at least 5.75 million yuan to about 20 merchants or suppliers.


Car owners' rent arrears affect shop operation

Mr. Gao told Beijing Youth Daily that he was born in May 2018 According to the joint sales contract signed with Shanghai Jingji company in June, Shanghai Jingji company will give Mr. Gao the shop in Jiangxing Aegean shopping park to operate. The contract period is two years. According to the agreement, Mr. Gao needs to pay RMB 50000 as deposit and 150000 as decoration fee to Shanghai Jingji company, and he also gives a total of RMB 220000 to Shanghai Jingji company as agreed.

Mr. Gao said that when he first opened the business, because it was summer and the business was good, he also got the business fund as agreed. However, in July and August, some suppliers who were in arrears went to the store to ask for an explanation, and some furniture manufacturers removed the chairs in the store, and then the business was greatly affected, and some stores withdrew. In September, the shop owner learned that Wang Jing still owed the rent to the lessor, and the shop would be taken back by the lessee, so he found that something was wrong.

Mr. Gao told reporters that they had negotiated with Wang Jing many times, but Wang Jing refused because she was not the legal representative of the company, until later she could not be contacted.

Mr. Gao said that they had been defending their rights long before Wang Jing Mercedes Benz, and they were also collecting relevant evidence for prosecution.


Individuals have nothing to do with corporate behavior

After the news came out that Chen Xing had paid 5.75 million yuan in arrears, he said that "none of them is true.".

Chen Xing repeatedly stressed the need to separate the relationship between individuals and enterprises. He said: 'put aside the evidence, a supervisor or senior manager has no relationship with the company as to what responsibilities and obligations he has to bear. In addition, they will provide good evidence, and we will sue once the hot spot is over. "When the reporter asked if Shanghai Jingji had any debts to defenders, Chen Xing said" no ".

Wang Jing, the car owner, also replied that she has entrusted a lawyer to deal with it. The law will have a fair judgment, and rumors can't turn her into a criminal. 'I didn't abscond with the money. I'm not a fraudster. Wang Jing said that now her personal information is all exposed on the Internet, and her personal safety is threatened.

Chen Xing and Wang Jing call out the rights defenders at the same time. Chen Xing said that the impact of the informant's false name on himself and Wang Jing is how to pursue responsibility. 'please report by real name. If they don't, we can't protect ourselves. He hoped that some of the defenders would come forward and bear the impact of the rumor.