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People will still consciously hear doctors announce their death after death

What do you think people will feel when they die? Experts have been arguing about what will happen after human death, such as what people will see after death and whether people realize they are dead?

According to the overseas Chinese news on April 18, a shocking study in the United States shows that when the human heart stops beating, the brain will continue to function. In other words, the human brain is aware of the fact that it is dead.

According to the report, the study shows that when we die, we know we're dead, because our brains work all the time, making us aware of what's going on around us. This means that after death, even in a short period of time, people still have consciousness, but they are basically 'trapped' in their bodies.

Research has shown that survivors of cardiac arrest know what's going on around them before they're rescued and on the verge of death. There is some evidence that the dead can even hear doctors declaring that they are dead. Think about it. When people go through cardiac arrest and hear the doctor announce their time of death, what's it like? However, this time may be very short, and it may be too late to think, so their consciousness is gone. So for the two cases of cardiac arrest and brain death, there has been a debate about how to be the real death. Some scientists, on the other hand, divide death into stages.

Dr. Sam Parnia is studying consciousness after death in humans and examining cardiac arrest cases in Europe and the United States. People in the first stage of death may still experience some form of consciousness, he said. Those who survived the cardiac arrest later accurately described what happened around them after their heart stopped beating. "When a patient is officially declared dead, it's based on the moment the heart stops," Panya explained. Technically, that's how time to die is calculated. '

Panya's research topic is about what happens to the brain after cardiac arrest, and whether and how long the consciousness will continue after death, so as to improve the quality of recovery and prevent brain injury when the heart returns to beating. However, he said that when a person is revived, their memory does not 'magically enhance'.