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What is poverty alleviation marriage? What does poverty alleviation marriage mean

Recently, a well-known legal blogger 'met Wu Jiezhen' on a micro blog, which caused a heated discussion among netizens. The content of the micro blog is about a fan consultation case. Poverty alleviation marriage has been hot searched on microblog. In the past, it's impossible for a man and a woman to get married without a house, but now they have a house to start calculating. It's really painful!

A girl in Guangzhou has been in love with her boyfriend for three years and has reached the stage of marriage. Originally, they agreed that the families of both sides should pay some money as the down payment to buy a marriage apartment. As a result, the family of the man privately mortgaged the suite.

According to the original plan, the house belonged to both men and women. But in this way, the house becomes the man's premarital property. Even if the woman helps pay the mortgage, decorate and buy household appliances after marriage, the house only belongs to the man after divorce.

The blogger joked that the woman was going to help the poor after the man got married.

Fortunately, the girl was sober and knew to consult a lawyer. On the advice of the lawyer, she asked Fang to add a name to the house. As a result, she was accused by the man of haggling over everything. In the end, the two families broke up in discord and the engagement was cancelled.

The man's behavior has also been criticized by many netizens. The person you are willing to deliver your life should be so calculating behind you.

Some people say that a good marriage must be about money, and it should be discussed on the table and openly.

Because marriage is not about love, marriage is not only about feelings, but also about the property distribution of two families.

Maybe you think it hurts to talk about money, but it hurts not to talk about money well.

Love is always about money. Life is a matter of daily necessities.

Material is the guarantee of love, and love is the power to earn material.

On the question of money, both parties must reach an agreement before marriage.

To solve the problem of money, the rest is to love steadfastly.

My colleague Xiao Sun always likes to choose the cheapest when ordering takeout, although the cheap takeout is not clean enough.

Because wages are responsible for all household expenses, Xiao Sun tries to save money.

Before Xiao Sun got married, the man said that he had bought a suite in the city with all the money in his family, and later used it as their marriage room. Because the man's family bought the house in full, she did not ask to write her name on the property certificate.

But when she got married nearly two years ago, her husband told her that the apartment she bought at that time had borrowed 300000 yuan from her relatives. The family also emptied all their savings in order to buy a house. He hoped that his salary would be saved every month to repay the debts to his relatives, and Xiao sun's salary would be used as a household.

When Xiao Sun heard the news, he was very angry and wanted to get a divorce. However, his husband begged that he would work harder in the past two years, and that he would be fine after paying the bill. He also said that he would listen to Xiao Sun in the future.

For the sake of their relationship, Xiao sun just didn't tell his parents that he was saving money to help his husband tide over the difficulties.

I scolded Xiao Sun for being too stupid. She said that she had come to this stage and could not really divorce. He didn't make any mistakes of principle.

Xiaosun is willing to jump into the trap of poverty alleviation through marriage.

Before marriage, we must verify the financial situation of the other party in many ways. Those who hide their bills should never marry. Those who deliberately hide their personal debts, such as Xiao Sun's husband, should stay away.

We get married because we want to find someone to support and warm each other in a difficult life.

It's not one person robbing another.

The best love is equal in strength, emotionally and economically.

--I have the ability to give, and so do you.

--Each other's efforts and achievements make the marriage more happy.

A good marriage starts with money.

Sanmao said: marriage can't last long if it doesn't fall on such trifles as dressing, eating and counting money.

There is such a hot search news on Sina Weibo these two days.

Mr. Lin and his wife in Hangzhou have been married for nearly five years. When they got married, they didn't have a wedding. They didn't even have a wedding car.

Recently, his wife spent four months' salary to buy himself a 20000 bag, which Mr. Lin did not understand. Yell to his wife through the media: I hope you don't spend this kind of money in the future, our family has no such ability!

In the face of Mr. Lin's accusation, his wife said that she was very cold. After eight years of love and marriage, she didn't ask him for a cent. Now I bought a bag with the money I saved. Why do you blame me?

We don't care which is right or wrong for the time being. This kind of mutual intolerance and incomprehension is because at the beginning of marriage, there was no talk about money, and there was a huge difference between the two people's views on consumption and money.

A woman who wants nothing when she gets married is not a material person. I can live a hard life with you. I also hope to live a better life and buy myself a valuable gift to reward myself.

Mr. Lin may be used to the hard life, and can't understand the difference between a 20000 yuan bag and a 200 yuan bag.

In the face of money, the most important thing is whether we can communicate openly and respect each other from the beginning.

Everyone's growing up environment is different, and their views on money are naturally different. Both sides sit down to talk about money, understand and accept each other's views on money. If they run in earlier, there will be no outbreak and chill in eight years.

Before you decide to spend your whole life together, you might as well discuss the emotions behind the money view, the meaning given by both sides to money, and understand each other's real emotional core, so as to make your marriage more firm and long-term.

The marriage that benefits both parties the most is the strongest.

The theme of one issue of the book is as follows:

Is it wrong for me to ask my partner to add my name on the house book before marriage?

Professor Xue Zhaofeng deeply analyzed the concept of marriage from the perspective of economics

Marriage is to run an enterprise, to sign a contract, to run a family enterprise, and to sign a futures contract of lifelong wholesale.

Husband and wife take out their own resources to jointly run the enterprise. The resource packages given by both sides are different, including physical appearance, fertility, family relationship, future development potential, etc., and the time to play a role is also different.

Some are early, some are late. Generally speaking, women pay a little earlier to give birth, raise and take care of the whole family; men's role is a little later, and may not be reflected until they are 30 or 40 years old.

At this time, one side is still sowing and the other side is harvesting. It is easy for the Reaper behind to knock the planter ahead. Therefore, the woman's request to add her own name to the house is actually a mortgage and protection. There's nothing wrong with that.

The essence of marriage is the community of interests between men and women.

A marriage contract is not only a noble proof of love, but also a contract of economic community.

Once an agreement has been made, it is difficult to stop it. Since then, both sides have been bound together in every sense, advancing and retreating together.

A mature marriage often belongs to those who have an accurate understanding of their interests.

They know what they need and what they can get in this marriage, and how to maximize their interests.

Either side of the inverted, will wear each other.

In the 60000 comments on the microblog "when talking about marriage, secretly buying a house by mortgage", I was moved by the story of a girl.

The girl said that she didn't have the awareness of buying a house before marriage. It was her boyfriend who reminded her that people who don't have real estate under her name have preferential loans for the first set of housing. It's better to buy a suite in her own name before marriage. Then the girl had the idea of buying a house and began to save money.

My boyfriend also said, don't waste your money in the future, save it and pay the down payment. I'll pay for the expenses in life. Tell me what you want to buy and I'll buy it for you.

The person who really loves you will only think about you everywhere and how to be willing to calculate you.

He will only try to give you the best.

Tu Lei once said in a variety show that there are two kinds of men: one is disgusted that women talk about money with him, and the other is willing to talk about money with women.

The former, once you talk about money with him, he will immediately label you as material and money worship. Such a man is selfish, weak and incompetent, and his pattern can not support him to do anything.

On the other hand, he thinks it is a man's duty to marry a woman and make her live a good life. It has nothing to do with his economic strength. It's his responsibility as a man.

Talking about money in marriage is two independent souls who love each other. They discuss their future life openly.

Because of love, we decided to accompany each other all our life, mutual recognition and respect, full of contentment and gratitude.

Because we talk about money, we are more firm and calm on the road of marriage.