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How much does enterprise endowment insurance cost? What are the inquiry methods of endowment insuran

Social insurance is a kind of social security in which the state raises funds through various channels through legislation to give economic compensation to the workers when they are old, unemployed, sick, injured or having children, so that they can enjoy basic living security. How much is the enterprise endowment insurance? What are the inquiry methods of endowment insurance?

endowment insurance query:

1. Social security center inquiry: if you are not clear about your social security account number, you can bring your ID card to the business hall of social insurance agencies in each district for inquiry;

2. Online query: log in the labor and social security network or social insurance business website of your city, click the 'personal social security information query' window, and enter your ID card and password (the password is your social security card number or ID card date of birth), then you can query your insurance information;

3. Telephone consultation: call '12333' for policy consultation and information inquiry;

4. Individual account statement: every year, the social endowment insurance center will send the individual account statement to each insured person, and check the payment and account records through the individual account statement.