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How old is the new policy of rural endowment insurance? New regulations on receiving rural endowment

Rural endowment insurance is an important part of social insurance. It is a social insurance system in which non urban people pay a certain amount of labor income, get help from the state and society when they lose the ability to work, and enjoy pension. Recently, many people ask how old is the new policy of rural endowment insurance? Next, let's get to know the new regulations for rural endowment insurance.

both men and women can enjoy the treatment from the next month when they reach the age of 60 after paying in full.

1, when the new rural security and urban housing insurance system is implemented, the registered residence personnel who have reached the age of 60 and who do not enjoy the basic old-age insurance benefits of urban workers do not have to pay the fees. They can receive a basic pension of 55 yuan per person per month until their lifetime.

And with the development of economy, the state may adjust the standard of basic pension in time. However, the children who meet the insurance conditions (whether they are separated or not) can receive the pension monthly only after they meet the insurance conditions.

2. When the new rural insurance system and urban residential insurance system are implemented, the insured who have reached the age of 45 but not 60 should pay continuously until they reach the age of 60 in order to enjoy the pension insurance treatment, and the supplementary payment is also allowed. The supplementary payment period shall not enjoy the government financial subsidy, but the cumulative payment shall not exceed 15 years.

When the system is implemented, people under the age of 45 should continue to pay for the insurance until they are 60 years old. The cumulative payment period should not be less than 15 years, and they can enjoy the monthly pension benefits.

Development materials:

The basic principles of the new rural social endowment insurance system are: basic insurance, wide coverage, flexibility and sustainability.

First, from the reality of rural areas, starting at a low level, the standard of financing and treatment should be adapted to the economic development and all aspects of affordability;

Second, individuals, collectives and governments should share the responsibilities reasonably, and the rights and obligations should be compatible;

The third is to combine government guidance with farmers' voluntary participation to guide farmers to participate in the insurance; the fourth is to pilot and gradually push forward. The new rural social endowment insurance system adopts the basic mode of combining social overall planning with individual account and the financing mode of combining individual payment, collective subsidy and government subsidy.

Rural residents who are over 16 years old, are not students in school, and have not participated in the basic endowment insurance for urban workers can participate in the new rural social endowment insurance.

The insured farmers who have reached the age of 60 and meet the relevant conditions can receive the basic pension.

All localities should carefully select pilot areas according to local conditions and formulate feasible implementation plans. All relevant departments should strengthen overall planning, coordination, supervision and management.

Do a good job in the new rural social endowment insurance system and family endowment, land security, social assistance and other social security policies.

The new rural social endowment insurance fund is included in the special financial account of the financial social security fund at the same level. The management of revenue and expenditure is implemented in two lines. The publicity and information disclosure system is established to strengthen social supervision.