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How to clear new news on wechat? How to batch clear specific wechat messages

Sometimes we want to clear some wechat account messages, but also want to keep useful account messages from being cleared. We can batch clear a few account messages. Here's how to realize it. How can wechat clear new news? How to batch clear specific wechat messages?

Methods / steps:

Click wechat on the desktop to open wechat.

Click 'I' on wechat home page.

Click 'Settings' on my wechat page.

On the settings page, click general.

Then open the 'general' window and click 'wechat storage space'.

In the 'wechat storage space' window, click 'manage chat data of current wechat account'.

In the pop-up 'wechat storage space' window, check the group or individual account to be cleared, and then click 'Delete'.

Click 'Delete' in the pop-up dialog box.

In this way, the cleaning is successful. Through this method, the messages of specific wechat accounts can be deleted in batches.