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Can you brush your hair with olive oil directly? How to use olive oil for hair care

Olive oil is called "liquid gold" because it has good nutrition and health care effect, and contains a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. Olive oil can not only be used for food, but also for beauty and skin care. Can olive oil be applied to hair?

Can you brush your hair with olive oil directly

Olive oil can be applied to your hair.

Wipe the hair with olive oil, can provide nourishing ingredients for the hair, play a good hair care effect. Use olive oil to wipe your hair. Vitamin E can help your hair brighten and reduce hair loss. It can be used at the top of your hair to prevent hair from forking. It can also maintain your forked hair. In addition, olive oil can also prevent hair oil, dandruff and other phenomena.

How to use olive oil for hair care

1. When people with dry hair wash their hair every time, take two spoonfuls of olive oil and evenly smear it on the hair. Wrap the hair with preservative film, so that the hair can better absorb the nutrition of olive oil. After 15 minutes or so, they can clean it, which can repair the phenomenon of dry hair.

2. If you have oily hair, do not wrap your hair with preservative film after applying olive oil. Just let it stand for five minutes and wash it with water.

3, use olive oil and non-alcoholic toner to mix in one to one ratio to make hair spray. When you feel dry hair, spray it, can effectively improve hair.

4. When combing the hair, drop two or three drops of olive oil on the comb teeth, which can effectively comb the knotted hair and improve the situation of broken hair and hair loss.

What should olive oil pay attention to

1. When olive oil is used for hair care, you should pay attention to the appropriate amount. If you use it too much, it will not only not improve the greasy phenomenon of hair, but also make the hair more and more oily, resulting in unclean hair.

2. When using olive oil, pay attention not to use it on the scalp. Some people put olive oil on the scalp because the scalp is dry. In this way, when washing, they should scrub the scalp with shampoo, which will do harm to the hair and scalp.

3. When using olive oil to protect hair, when the hair is dry, apply olive oil on the hair, and then wrap the hair with preservative film, so that the hair can better absorb nutrients.