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How to wash waxberry? Can the insects in Waxberry be eaten

It's time to eat bayberry again. I bought fresh bayberry. It turns out that there are insects on it. Can we eat waxberry with insects? How can we clean the insects in Waxberry? Let's get to know.

Can waxberry be eaten by insects?

Myrica rubra fresh fruit can produce saliva and quench thirst. It is a good product to dispel summer heat in summer. The cellulose in red bayberry pulp can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to the excretion of harmful substances in the body. The fruit acid in red bayberry pulp can prevent the sugar in the body from transforming into fat, which is helpful to detoxification, beauty and weight loss.

Is Myrica rubra a kind of insect that can eat? Because Myrica rubra is rich in nutrition and has no peel protection, it naturally becomes the main host of some insects. The white insects drilled out of Bayberry are Drosophila larvae. The main component of these larvae is protein, so they will not affect the human body. There is also a saying that 'the red bayberry is all over the mountain at the summer solstice, and the red bayberry will be infested in the summer heat'.

Most of the insects on fruits and vegetables are actually different from the maggots that ordinary people refer to. The maggots that ordinary people refer to are saprophytic on the feces of human and livestock, which have the risk of infectious diseases. The two are fundamentally different. Most of the insects in fruits and vegetables are non-toxic. They live on the nutrition of fruits. They are not toxic and will not attack human beings. If consumers eat these insects carelessly, they will only have a temporary psychological barrier and generally will not cause harm to the body.

Although fruit insects are harmless to human body, it doesn't mean that all fruits can be eaten. If the fruit is rotten, discolored, and the taste is rancid, it means that there is something wrong with the fruit, and such fruit must not be eaten.

Like other fruits, the fresh bayberry bought at home should be soaked in a certain concentration of salt water for about 10 minutes as soon as possible. It's better not to put the fresh bayberry into the refrigerator immediately. It's better to soak the worms out with salt water before putting them into the refrigerator.

How to thoroughly clean the red bayberry

When cleaning, add a spoonful of raw powder into the water, put the bayberry into the water, stir it with your hands for a few times, you will see the dirt is cleared out, and then rinse it with clean water. After washing, sprayed bayberry with Baijiu, soak in brine for 20 minutes and rinse with water for several times. Because salt water can kill some bacteria, it can also help remove the parasites hidden in the red bayberry pulp, but the taste of red bayberry will be greatly reduced.

If there is no powder or Baijiu, Yang Meidao will be stirred in chopsticks in a basin filled with water, and thrown away with the water turning the dirty things on the surface of Bayberry. Put the red bayberry in the detergent water for a few minutes, take it out and rinse it with drinking water.

In order to ensure the fresh quality and flavor of waxberry, we should first consider the appropriate amount when buying, and it is appropriate to eat on the same day. In order to prolong its shelf life, it can also be stored in a refrigerator between 0 ℃ and 5 ℃ with a relative humidity of 85% to 90%.

The misunderstanding of eating bayberry without washing

Some people say that 'red bayberry is the only fruit of all kinds that won't eat bad. "This is because the Myrica rubra itself has acid substances, and the stomach also has acid. These two acids can kill bacteria, but it is not that Myrica rubra itself does not invade insects.

If it's a bayberry bitten by a big green fly and you don't clean it, it's like eating thousands of bacteria into your stomach. It's very likely that you'll have a big upset.

Some 'Meinong' and 'Meishang' may have sprayed the chemical 'formaldehyde' for the freshness and firmness of the red bayberry. Although formaldehyde has little effect on gastrointestinal tract, it has great effect on vision. In particular, some illegal vendors have sprayed insecticides to prevent the waxberry from rotting. If they don't wash the waxberry, they can't eat it.

In addition, experts also remind that waxberry, which has grown hair, blackened and rotten, must not be eaten, otherwise it may cause diarrhea. Some people eat red bayberry tooth ache, generally do not need treatment, after eating red bayberry chewing tea can reduce the tooth ache.