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What is universal black card? What's the use of applying for universal black card

I don't know if you've seen the advertisement of universal black card. Xiaobian often sees it recently. The black card advertisement conveys the feeling of dignity, privilege and honor, which makes people interested in its specific rights and interests. So what is the universal black card? What is its function? Let's understand.

Is the global black card on the Internet a credit card

Global black card is a domestic membership service brand jointly invested by well-known investment consortia (Yuanjing, angel Bay, Youcheng) and developed by diting Network Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts the membership system, that is, first to become a cardholder (full member), and then to enjoy the service, creating a club economy model.

So the universal black card is not a credit card, but a member identification card. After becoming a member, a real Housekeeper will provide cardholders with a complete set of elite life management services, such as travel, member privileges and other fields.

What's the use of applying for universal black card

1. There is a real housekeeper, one-to-one service throughout the whole process;

2. When you stay in a hotel or buy a plane ticket, the Housekeeper will find the lowest price for you by comparing the prices of more than 10 websites and internal agreements

3. You can buy goods in the privileged mall

4. Having the privilege of signing the bill for consumption before payment by credit card;

5. It has the priority to use high-end luxury goods, and can be used free of charge or at a low price;

6. VIP channel for black card, no queuing.

In general, universal black card has some credit card functions, such as overdraft consumption and installment service. However, universal black card is still a credit card that pays more attention to service rights and interests. People who often need the above services can consider applying for a universal black card.