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The effect and effect of Tianma soaking in water

Gastrodia elata is a very valuable Chinese herbal medicine, so what are the effects of Gastrodia elata soaking in water? Drinking Gastrodia elata soaking in water is not only easy to operate, but also has many benefits for the body. It not only has the effect of pain relief and sedation, but also can reduce blood pressure better.

Tonic medicine, Gastrodia first!

Gastrodia elata has been listed as "top quality" in Materia Medica. In 1785, in order to curry favor with the emperor, the governor of Yibin, Sichuan, sent his confidants to Zhaotong to collect and dig gastrodia, select the best products and wear brocade boxes to celebrate Emperor Gaozong's birthday. As soon as the custom was established, the fallacy spread. The officials of the government and the county took Tianma as the private of their friends and the rank of promotion. From the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, every year during the Tianma mining season, local officials and businessmen gathered in Zhaotong to buy it. It was like a busy market in the remote mountains, with a daily market volume of more than 1000 kg.

The effect of Gastrodia elata soaking in water

1. Pain relief

Research has found that scientists have made Gastrodia injection on Gastrodia elata, which can play a very good sedative role after entering the body, especially for cerebrovascular disease headache, trigeminal neuralgia and vascular nerve headache. Clinical experiments show that the effective rate of analgesia is up to 90%, and the effect is very amazing.

2. Lowering blood pressure

Gastrodia elata can effectively treat hypertension, long-term use can play a strong bones and muscles, protect the waist and knees and liver qi.

3. Protect the heart

Gastrodia can also increase peripheral and coronary artery blood flow, which has a good protective effect on the heart. Therefore, the daily occurrence of palpitations, shortness of breath, can also be Gastrodia bubble water to drink, effectively promote the recovery of health.

4. Calm down

Gastrodin and gastrodin contained in Gastrodia elata can treat neurasthenia very well. At the same time, the treatment effect of syndrome caused by this kind of situation is also very good, and the effective rate is as high as 80%, close to 90%. In addition, Gastrodia can also effectively inhibit the influence of caffeine on the central nervous system, avoid the occurrence of excessive excitement, and greatly improve the quality of sleep.

5. Anticonvulsant

Studies have found that Gastrodia for a variety of limb numbness or epilepsy and facial nerve convulsions have a good effect. In addition, the effect of Tianma soaking in water also includes the treatment of angina pectoris and biliary colic, which can effectively promote the recovery of health.

6. Bright eyes

Gastrodia elata can effectively protect and regulate the resolution of the visual nerve. Many people who need to work at height will often take Gastrodia elata, which can protect their brain and eyes.

7. Improve intelligence

Gastrodia can effectively enhance intelligence, especially improve memory. It has been reported that Gastrodia injection in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the effective effect as high as 81%, the effect is remarkable.