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What's wrong with Notre Dame against donations? Why do Americans oppose donations

The disastrous fire at Notre Dame in Paris has caused generous donations from donors large and small. With the cooling of public opinion, some people began to question the donation to Notre Dame. After the US media reported yesterday that the US white house was ready to provide 'aid' to France, many American people and even big V opposed it. In this regard, many netizens expressed their opposition to donating money to Notre Dame? Why do Americans oppose donations?

Kyle Kuzma, a famous player of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, led the opposition against the government. He posted a reprint from the webmaster's home, saying: 'say it again. I repeat: we have a city that is still short of water.

In the comments on twitter, many people expressed their support, sighing that the people in the western United States are in dire straits, and they are not caring about their own family. Kuzma was born in Michigan and reprinted from the webmaster's home in genzhou. He grew up in a poor family, so he can better understand the suffering of the people in his hometown.

That's why many people think that people in the western United States are still eating grass, so they oppose the White House's donation to Notre Dame.

In this regard, domestic netizens also expressed the same view

I agree with the United States for the first time. If I donate money, will it be free in the future? Yuanmingyuan also wants you to donate to France.

Americans are direct. Who doesn't have a place to spend money?

There are many people in our country who can't afford to eat and go to school. Why should we donate money to build such a gorgeous Church in your country? First donate money to our country. Who told you not to protect yourself!