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Why did hang Wenzhi kill Xue Tian? What is hang Wenzhi's real identity

In Diablo 3, hang Wenzhi and Xue Tian, one of the darkers, became friends soon after the movie went online. Hang Wenzhi was beautiful and weak. He was bullied a lot, thanks to Xue Tian's help. Although hang Wenzhi is soft and weak, in fact, he has a dark stomach, and his real identity is especially reversed. The real purpose of Hang Wenzhi's entering the prison is to kill Xue Tian. What's the real purpose of Hang Wenzhi?

"Diablo 3" hang Wenzhi is the confidant of Deng Hua, the late chairman of Longyu group. Like Rao Donghua (a Hua of Longyu group), he is loyal to Deng Hua. Even though Deng Hua has passed away, hang Wenzhi never gives up the idea of revenge for him.

Deng Hua was killed by darker. Both hang Wenzhi and Rao Donghua regard darker as their enemy and want to take revenge with their own strength. Rao Donghua is in the Ming Dynasty and hang Wenzhi is in the dark. They jointly plan a revenge plan against darker.

Xue Tian, one of the darkers, is naturally the target of Hang Wenzhi and Rao Donghua. In Diablo 2, Rao Donghua coerces the life of Zheng Jia, a blind girl deeply loved by Xue Tian, into going to prison voluntarily. The Southeast Asian prison where Xue Tian is held happens to be Rao Donghua's own territory.

Then it's time for hang Wenzhi to play. Hang Wenzhi said that he was a college student and was caught because he was cheated by a woman. Others see him as a weak scholar, but they don't give him less hardship. Unexpectedly, the weak hang Wenzhi is favored and protected by Xue Tian.

Xue Tian seems to want to cultivate hang Wenzhi into a new darker, but he doesn't know that hang Wenzhi came to kill him. To cheat Xue Tian is enough to prove how difficult hang Wenzhi is. Hang Wenzhi's trick of playing pig and eating tiger is too smooth.

Judging from the current plot, hang Wenzhi has won Xue Tian's trust step by step, and the plan to get close to the goal goes smoothly. However, whether he can kill Xue Tian is a big question. Xue Tian has brains, intelligence and good Kung Fu. Hang Wenzhi fights with him and the result is full of unknown.