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What are the subsidies for rural double female households in 2019

We know that the only child is subsidized to a certain extent. In addition, the two female families in rural areas are also subsidized to a certain extent. What's the policy of double female households in 2019? What's the subsidy standard for double female households? Let's take a look next!

How much subsidy can rural double female households get

The so-called double daughter family is a family in which a couple only have two daughters and no sons. Once their daughters get married, their parents will face the situation of no one to support them. Therefore, the state gives subsidies to double daughter families.

According to the relevant regulations of the state, double female households can be subsidized at least 720 yuan per year, which may be slightly different in each province. For example, in Henan Province, the subsidy for double female households and single female households has been increased to 960 yuan per year last year. Some places with good policies will also provide relevant education subsidies for double female households or single female households, and these families will not be affected When they get the college notice, they can get a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan.

What kind of families can enjoy the subsidy policy and meet the application conditions of subsidy? Let's take a look here

First, both husband and wife must belong to the rural household registration, which is a rigid condition. In recent years, some rural couples have moved their household registration to the city to buy a house. This situation does not meet the requirements for applying for subsidies.

Second, there can only be one girl or two girls in the family. If there are more children or there are boys in the family, they are not eligible for application.

Third, you must be at least 60 years old before you can apply.