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What's the matter with the 5 yuan crispy safety helmet? Should the life of migrant workers be low

Recently, after a violent collision between two red and yellow safety helmets, a short video of yellow safety helmets seriously damaged has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Is the life of migrant workers not important? Everyone is born equal. Isn't it very sad after watching this video?

some people in the industry pointed out that it is a hidden rule for workers to wear inferior safety helmets, especially in the construction industry. According to the investigation conducted by the reporter of "China online news", many businesses sell a variety of low-cost and inferior safety helmets on some e-commerce platforms and many building materials markets outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, and even some unqualified 5 yuan 'crispy' safety helmets.

One yellow and one red hit the hidden rules of the industry

A few days ago, a short video app user 'Xiaoyan gaqun' released a short video of 'front-line workers' safety helmets', which set off a heated debate about' whether workers' safety helmets are safe '. In the video, 'Xiaoyan gaqun' collided with the red safety helmet of the management staff with his yellow safety helmet. The yellow one was seriously damaged, but the red one was not damaged at all.

The same helmet, different colors, why different quality?

Li Shan, a front-line worker who has been engaged in decoration work in Beijing for a long time, said that safety helmets are generally contracted hair. 'everyone on the construction site knows that the good ones are white, red or blue. Because according to the industry standard, yellow is worn by workers, which is generally thin and brittle, and the brim is easy to break. '

On the 16th, the reporter visited more than 10 labor protection wholesale stores in several building materials markets outside the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, and found that the unit price of safety helmets sold ranged from 5 yuan to 20 yuan. If the purchase volume was large, it could even be purchased at a unit price of less than 5 yuan.

Guanzhuang Oriental building materials wholesale market, a shop said, there are three kinds of helmets in circulation: the cheapest is plastic helmets, the lowest protective effect; slightly better is ABS resin helmets, the protective effect is medium, and the lowest price is mostly more than 20 yuan; the best is FRP helmets, the highest price.

Many businesses have said: "many migrant workers often sit on their hats and use them as stools. The safety helmets have to be changed in a few days. So the quality of 5 yuan is the worst, but it is the best seller. '

In a wholesale shop of labor protection products located in a building materials market of yaojiayuan, a reporter wanted to buy safety helmets for workers, and the shopkeeper first put forward the yellow one with a price of 5 yuan. The yellow helmet has an inverted V-shaped bulge on the top and the logo of Chengbao on the brim.

In order to buy samples, the reporter spent 10 yuan to buy two safety helmets in the store. In order to verify the quality, he pressed hard on the top of the safety helmet with his thumb. What made people smack his tongue was that a small pit immediately appeared at the pressing place.

No manufacturer, no inspection, no identification, no inspection

On Taobao and other platforms, the reporter searched for 'safety helmets' and found that there were more than 1000 stores selling safety helmets with the sales price below 10 yuan, and the advertisements for safety helmets showed that the products were thickened ABS or resin plastic; on pinduoduo app, there were also hundreds of stores selling safety helmets for construction projects with the sales price below 10 yuan.

In another building materials market located in Guanzhuang area, the shop owner recommended the safety helmet with higher sales volume to the reporter, which also costs 5 yuan. The safety helmet has no production date, no 'four permanent marks', only a paper' safety warning 'label. 'manufacturers without licenses print this kind of paper label in batches, just stick it up. 'said the shopkeeper. Reporters found that the price of a few yuan of hard hat origin mostly from Guangdong, Hebei and other places.

Seeing the reporter's doubts, one store took out two 'better' safety helmets, which were sold for 8 yuan and 18 yuan respectively. The boss said: 'in fact, don't be afraid. Many contractors buy 5 yuan or 8 yuan. Generally, no one checks the quality. They only check whether the workers wear safety helmets. '

"The supervisor who manages the safety and quality of the site usually turns a blind eye. As long as the workers are asked to wear safety helmets, they will not check the material, safety and other issues. "Manager Wang of a large construction contracting company in Southwest China said," in order to pursue profits, the boss of the construction team often substitutes inferior construction tools and labor protection products to reduce costs. '

To protect the safety of front-line workers

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of front-line workers, relevant industry insiders and legal experts suggest that workers' safety awareness should be improved, efforts should be made to crack down on the chaos of labor insurance market, and self-discipline of industry safety should be strengthened.

Netizen 'Feng ruochenlan' said: 'many of the labor protection shops around the construction site are like this. If the quality is better, it must be expensive, but in many places, the safety helmet only becomes the identity certificate to enter the construction site. We should trace back to the source of production. Why does this kind of safety helmet that can't even meet the standard circulate in the market? "

Li Jiaze, a lawyer from Sichuan fabang law firm, said that in view of the phenomenon that the current labor insurance market is full of inferior products, which seriously endangers the life safety of front-line workers, the market supervision department should strengthen the efforts to clean up and crack down, open special reporting lines, encourage the provision of illegal clues, and increase the punishment. For the low-cost and inferior products suspected to be sold on some e-commerce platforms, it is necessary to shut down and remove them from the shelves in time, and put an end to the entry channels of inferior labor protection products such as' crispy 'safety helmets from the source.

Manager Wang of a large construction contracting company in Southwest China and other people in the industry suggest that we should strengthen the self-discipline of on-site management personnel such as supervisors and construction team leaders, and conduct spot checks and inspections regularly to prevent fluke. It is suggested that the purchase of safety helmets should be incorporated into the management of the construction unit, and the person in charge of the construction team should only be responsible for the distribution. It's not just safety helmets, but also other fire-fighting equipment, distribution boxes and other equipment. '

In response to the incident, the emergency management department said on the 17th through the official microblog that, according to the national standard, the safety helmet should meet the requirements of GB 2811-2007 "safety helmet", and the selection of safety helmet should meet the requirements of GB / T 30041-2013 "Specification for selection of head protection safety helmet". "If even the safety helmets of workers are not safe, how can production safety be realized? The implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production must not be superficial. '