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What's the matter with the 5.71 million person time limit for buying high-speed rail tickets? Who ca

Recently, some netizens revealed that some people can't laugh or cry. Some people peed their pants when they took the subway line 1 in Shenzhen. What's the matter with the 5.71 million person time limit for buying high-speed train tickets? Who are pointed out that can't buy high-speed train tickets?

Starting from September 2018, the toilets of 82 stations of metro lines 1, 2, 3 and 5 in Shenzhen have been comprehensively upgraded. During this period, the toilets have been closed for construction. When a young man was on the subway, he encountered the scene that the toilets in the station were repaired everywhere, and finally he completely collapsed and pissed his pants.

In the face of such a situation, Shenzhen Metro responded: in case of emergency, passengers can ask the staff for help, and we will tell them where the nearest toilet is.

Many netizens also said that the toilet should be rectified in turn. Half of the toilet should be used and half of the toilet should be rebuilt. At the critical moment, you never know where the staff are!

I hope this guy doesn't have too much psychological pressure. After all, everyone will feel very ashamed and embarrassed when it comes to this matter!

5.71 million people are restricted from buying high-speed train tickets

On April 18, the national development and Reform Commission announced that in the first quarter, about 643000 subjects were added to the blacklist, about 571000 subjects were involved, and about 261000 subjects were withdrawn from the blacklist.

By the end of March, courts nationwide had issued a list of 13.49 million dishonest persons, 20.47 million airplane tickets and 5.71 million bullet train high-speed rail tickets, and 3.9 million dishonest persons were deterred by credit punishment to fulfill their legal obligations.

We still need to take good care of our credit information, otherwise it will be very troublesome if we are restricted to buy high-speed rail tickets!