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What's the reason for the explosion of ice bear building in Zhengzhou? Details of the explosion of B

the old man who bid farewell is the ice bear building, the landmark of Zhengzhou. After more than ten years of brilliance, the ice bear building still has the same ending as its owner's ice bear freezer, full of fatalism. It is also because of the shadow of the old owner that this farewell is more solemn and stirring. What's the reason for the explosion of ice bear building in Zhengzhou? Let's have a look at the details of the blasting of Bingxiong building in Zhengzhou.

Scene: Blasting of ice bear building

'every time my friends and relatives came to me and couldn't find my way, I told him that I saw the ice bear building heading east. 'a Zhengzhou citizen who lives on Hongzhuan road once said so.

Today, such a scene will always be history. After 20 years of service, the landmark building with more than ten stories collapsed in an instant with the huge sound of blasting.

Less than 5 a.m. on April 18, the area around the ice bear building, north to Fengchan road and east to Jinger Road, has been closed. At the scene, the voice from the pager came one after another.

At five o'clock, the air defense alarm sounded and the sky was clear.

5: 36. With a loud noise, the ice bear building collapsed, and the huge fog rose up in an instant, lasting for dozens of minutes.

The whole building fell to the West. At the moment of collapse, across the roof of the building opposite jingsan Road, the whole building was shaking.

5: 51. The white smoke slowly dissipated, leaving a pile of debris on the original site of the building, and the original architectural appearance of the building could be seen.

Henan Fushun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is the unit to carry out blasting demolition. Bingxiong building is a frame shear wall structure, which is composed of main building and auxiliary building. The main building is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, with 14 floors on the ground and 1 floor underground, 55 meters high, with a construction area of 12000 square meters; the auxiliary building is 27.3 meters long and 20.9 meters wide, composed of 4 floors and steel roof, 23 meters high, with a construction area of 2852.85 square meters.

According to reports, 1443 boreholes were drilled in this blasting. Fengchan road sub district office said the evacuation work had been done in advance.

Official information shows that the ice bear building, built in 1999, is a foreign-related business hotel in accordance with the international three-star standard, including guest rooms, song and dance halls, business center, gymnasium, boutique shopping malls, etc. it is a designated reception unit of the provincial government and an excellent star hotel in Henan Province. It once had 181 rooms of various types.

The rise and fall of refrigerator King

Speaking of the ice bear building, we have to mention its owner, the ice bear freezer, the king of Henan white household appliances.

'ice bear' brand was born in Minquan County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province. It is the earliest refrigerator brand in Central China. Refrigerators and freezers have a long history, from an agricultural machinery repair and manufacturing plant on the verge of bankruptcy to a famous home appliance king in China, and finally to the end of bankruptcy. In 1986, ice bear freezer was a former Minquan County agricultural machinery repair and manufacturing plant which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Later, it was renamed Henan freezer factory, which is the core enterprise of ice bear group.

1986-1996 is the brilliant period of ice bear freezer. In 1986, Henan refrigerator factory changed its name and introduced the production line of Italian series low temperature refrigerators. This directly promoted ice bear to become one of the eight enterprises designated by the former Ministry of light industry of China to produce refrigerators. Before 1993, the refrigerator output of the company ranked among the top three in the same industry in China.

In the 1990s, the annual production capacity of ice bear refrigerator factory has reached 200000 units. Some historical data show that from 1993 to 1995, the total profits were 17.7 million yuan, 20.1 million yuan and 26.75 million yuan respectively, with an annual growth rate of 22.95%.

In September 1996, the company's shares were issued in Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising 97.6 million yuan. In 1996 and 1997, the company made a profit of 23.26 million yuan and 27.06 million yuan respectively.

In its heyday, ice bear is a national famous brand, one of the ten banners of Henan industrial front, and the earliest listed company at the county level in Henan Province. Some media said that at that time, the annual sales of ice bear freezers alone exceeded 300 million yuan, and the domestic market share of ice bear refrigerated trucks once reached 70%.

There are many conjectures about the reasons for the ice bear's fall, such as the fierce competition in the industry, the sluggish development of the industry, the lack of funds and so on. There are also problems such as the rigid system and mechanism, as well as the unhealthy internal atmosphere. Some also attribute the reasons to poor management.

Today's ice bear is in a state of fragmented development: in 2003, the 'shell' of a listed company was taken away by an enterprise in Chongqing and changed its name to 'Oriental Silver Star' (600753); the trademark and assets of refrigerators and refrigerators are in the hands of Zhejiang Huamei electric; the refrigerated car, thermal insulation car and other industries were originally state-owned Henan ice bear refrigerated car Co., Ltd., which was later controlled by HNA cold chain, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines Limited liability company under the overall plate.

Ice bear goodbye, Shentai take over

The ice bear building, like the ice bear who was once the king of refrigerators, is the memory of Henan people.

At first, the property right of the building belongs to xihanzhai village, Fengchan Road office, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou. It is a collective economic office building for xihanzhai villagers, and the nature of the land is collective land. In 2000, it was leased to ice bear group as a whole and became the office of ice bear group in Zhengzhou for 30 years.

One of my hometown is Shangqiu. From 2003 to 2010, it was a glorious time for the ice bear building. "I met more political and business friends from my hometown here. Since 2003, I have been dating more and more people in the ice bear building. At that time, the ice bear building can definitely be called a scene on jingsan Road, especially at night. '

He recalled that many of the waiters in the Baihua restaurant on the third floor were from Shangqiu at that time. "What impressed me most about the food here was fried egg and vermicelli. Now think about it, still strange fragrance! '

The nature of village collective land and the way of lease management determine the future return of ice bear building from the beginning. Bingxiong building belongs to xihanzhai village collective economic office building, which is within the reconstruction scope of xihanzhai village and area.

The demolition of Bingxiong building is a part of the reconstruction project of Chengzhong Village in xihanzhai. The project is led by Henan Shentai holding group. The name of the project is Shentai & middot; Zhongyuan impression. At that time, on the land of nearly one million square meters, including the original site of ice bear building, there will be a 150 meter high-rise new Chinese style mansion, business, hotel, school and other supporting landmark cultural buildings.

It is reported that the project is a new Chinese architectural style, Chinese theme landscape in the community, combined with the happy growth system for children aged 0-12.

Now, with the roar of blasting, the ice bear building has become the past. However, with the help of new operator Henan Shentai holding group, jingsan Road, where ice bear building is located, will usher in a new change. The prosperity of "one jingsan Road, Shili Financial Street" in the past is just around the corner.

'it seems that this time, it's really going to see you again and never again! 'the day before the demolition of the ice bear building, people passing by felt this way.