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What are the campus movies in China? 2019 youth campus movie list

Now many young people prefer to watch some campus movies, especially some movies with special positive energy. Now many 80's and 90's are nostalgic for their youth. It is generally reflected that love at that time was green and pure. What are the domestic campus theme movies? Let's get to know about the 2019 youth campus movie list.

Left ear

The most beautiful thing to say to the left ear

Starring: Chen Turin, Ou Hao and Yang Yang's "left ear", as the representative work of the 'youth pain series', it can be said to show another kind of youth picture. The rebellious and capricious in the film is much more real than the previous youth films. This film has a very special taste, the beauty of youth and pain, cross echo, repeatedly entangled. The story originated from a plot, but even if it is a plot, there is still no lack of good colleagues. The first half of the tone is gray, but with the growth of youth, hope also sprouts, and the light, shadow and color become more and more beautiful.

In those years, we chased girls together

There is no failure in youth. The memories of those years are poetic now.

Starring: Ke Zhendong, Chen Yanxi

In this age when we can't believe in love any more, there are too many deceptions and realities. But this movie, but tell you naked, believe it or not, love it or not, it's just your own business. We always say that the reality is helpless, like a pig knife, forcing us to step back. In fact, it's all an excuse. Youth is not stupid, years how cattle force! Dedicated to those who dare to love the years and all we have loved. Bold to say: I like you, in my most stupid time, but my life is worth the cow.

Whose youth is not confused

Rare pure campus youth film

Starring: Bai Jingting, Li Hongyi

Everyone once mistakenly entered a big forest full of fog when he was young. When he was not careful, he stood at an unknown fork in the road and lost himself unpredictably. In the movie, they are in puberty, which accurately interprets all kinds of puzzles we once faced and now face. Many people are in tears in the cinema, it seems that every scene can find their own past, the past is like a broken kite, flying across the sky and disappearing between the blue sky and white clouds.

Youth school

A film that really understands youth

Starring: Dong Zijian and Qin Hailu, in the memories of each campus youth, a girl who was deeply in secret love and paid silently, several brothers with rich emotions and good will, a group of bad friends with full story characteristics, a memory shared by all. This is the school of youth - a period of life that always flickers and never fades. In this era of extreme play, youth school is not extreme at all. It has the advantages of similar themes, but it can present different styles.

My girlhood

It's my little luck to meet you

Starring: Song Yunhua, Wang continental. This is a campus love movie with no big stars on the list. Four days after it was released, it surpassed "those years" and became the mainland's "best-selling Taiwan movie". At the same time, it received a high score of 8.3 on Douban. Of course, it also put Wang Continental, the leading actor, on the throne of "national male god". This film is set in Taiwan High School in the 1990s. It tells the romantic and tender first love story of Lin Zhenxin and Xu Taiyu. The eloquent narration and the feeling of having no regrets make this film have a totally different temperament from the mainland youth film. As a record of everyone's youth, the film resonates with the audience with a solid script full of fun and youth energy.

To our youth that to fading away

You are a choice I can't change

Starring: Yang Zishan, Zhao Youting and Han Geng, youth is the kind of person you look at yourself and gradually become the one you hate. The director has a theme that is very suitable for nostalgia and consumption, but the playwright pays too much attention to the theme in the production process, leaving only the nostalgic youth campus. The whole story is constantly in disorder, and the theme of remembrance covers everything. In those years, we chased the girl together.

The little thing of first love

Whose youth has never been in secret love

Starring: Mario Maury, pinzena Leviathan, Payne I like you, everything I do is for you. 'it's a pure, pure and sunny Thai love movie. The story itself is not very brilliant, and even makes people think that the dog's blood is too much. But I believe it's a movie that almost everyone watching can find resonance in the movie. Can recall once oneself first love secret love of those trifles, recall childhood friends play funny things.

You at the same table

To our once absurd youth

To our once absurd youth

Starring: Lin Xinxin, Zhou Dongyu

"Those years, the girl we chased together" tells us that it's not reliable to make friends at the front and back tables, and "you at the same table" tells us that it's not reliable to make friends at the same table. "You at the same table" brings back a generation full of memories, such as old school uniform, pencil box, big white rabbit milk candy, arts and science class, 586 computer, CET-4, small hotel rooms. These mottled memories, combined with SARS, 911, WTO accession and other memorabilia, have a sense of the times. The whole story is very funny, and the ending is very realistic. The two main characters are good, and the little friends are excellent. They laugh to death in the opening and isolation period.

China partner

A history of youth struggle

Starring: Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei

Whose youth has never struggled? Whose youth has never had a big or small dream? "What is a dream? A dream is something that makes you feel that persistence is a kind of happiness." this is a sentence of Cheng Dongqing in the film. We can refer to youth. We all talk about youth and reality. However, girls' youth is love; men's youth is career, dream and friendship. 'we always wanted to change the world, but we finally realized that it was the world that changed us. Chen Kexin's questioning of "the outside world" in "sweet honey" is that "from two forces, bitter forces, to cow forces, to set up the shell of" three fools + social network ". One fool, two essence and three madness, Deng Chao's drama is not the most, but his mental process is the most plastic. The tall and cool cuckoo pestle is the goddess. Negotiation is the best. There are many golden songs. The old godmother at the end of the film attracted the warmest applause from Tsinghua.

Blue Gate

Youth blooms in the afternoon

Starring: Gui lunmg and Chen Bolin, taiwan director's grasp of youth films is amazing. Anyway, it's warm and touching to watch them. It's a story about 17 years old, but it's labeled gay. It's a bit strange to hear about homosexuality, but it's funny after reading it. I don't know if it's the reason why I didn't understand it. Young face, short hair, wearing school uniform, will be in a corner of the school, write painting, will write the name of the person you like in the notebook, over and over again... When I am still immersed in the thought of growing up, I have to face the growth.