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How to paste the plane ticket

It is necessary to paste some things in our life. Pasting things is a basic skill for us. In the daily reimbursement, we will find that there are many incomplete procedures for bill reimbursement, which brings great inconvenience to the audit of accounting and delays the time of sales reporting to a certain extent. Today, we will take pasting air tickets as an example to introduce the specific process.

The first step is to sort out the plane tickets. Trim the bills. Trim the bills whose length exceeds the reimbursement cover reasonably to adapt to the reimbursement cover, but at the same time, it cannot affect the integrity of the contents of the air tickets. If it is too wide and too long, it shall be folded, and the contents of the aircraft piece shall not be damaged. The modified air ticket attached to the voucher shall not exceed the scope. Second, when there are many bills, they should be arranged by time. The face amount and paper size should be attached to the table from left to right.

Remember, after the bills are pasted, you should hold the bookkeeping voucher and shake it for several times, and re stick the unstuck or unstuck ones. You should write the number, amount and unit price of each type of original voucher in the blank part of the paste sheet. The bills shall not be reversed or overlapped, but the time and amount shall be covered.

The folded documents should be in the same plane as a whole. Doing a good job of classification will make the reimbursement process faster and save a lot of time. For the paper area smaller than the original voucher of the bookkeeping voucher, it can be used to pin in the bookkeeping book and retrieve it after binding the voucher.