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5.71 million passengers are limited to buy high-speed train tickets. Dishonest people should be care

On April 18, the national development and Reform Commission said that the joint punishment mechanism continued to show its prestige. For those dishonest people, they may not be able to travel by high-speed rail or motor train in the future, so they must be careful,

in the first quarter, there were about 643000 new subjects on the dishonest blacklist, involving about 571000 dishonest subjects, and about 261000 subjects dropped out of the dishonest blacklist. By the end of March, courts nationwide had issued a list of 13.49 million dishonest persons, 20.47 million airplane tickets and 5.71 million bullet train high-speed rail tickets, and 3.9 million dishonest persons were deterred by credit punishment to fulfill their legal obligations.