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King glory S15 how to play pig Bajie

The king's glory S15 season starts. Zhu Bajie, as a hero on the line of S14, has always been lukewarm. The main problem lies in Zhu Bajie's skill mechanism. If you play well, you will catch people accurately. If you don't play well, you will be scolded by your teammates. It's easy to blow up your mind. Zhu Bajie is still very fun. How do you play Zhu Bajie in S15 season? Introduction to Zhu Bajie's playing strategies, let's learn about it Let's go.

Six gods Costume: foot of shadow tolerance, red lotus cloak, omen, witch cloak, overlord's heavy suit, extreme cold storm

Foot of shadow tolerance: improve the physical defense of pig Bajie, make pig Bajie have a certain degree of openness in the early stage, greatly improve the survival ability.

Red lotus cloak: This equipment has a certain output ability, because the pig Bajie is a tank with control. Red lotus can cause AoE damage. When the pig Bajie enters the regiment, it can not only control but also play continuous damage.

Omen: greatly improves physical defense and health. Passivity can reduce the movement speed and attack speed of attackers. It is very suitable for zhubajie.

Witch's cloak: increase magic resistance, so that pig can bear more magic damage. After the war, you can get a magic shield to increase pig's resistance in disguise.

Bully heavy: Zhu Bajie is a hero without blue bars, so bully is very suitable. After the war, he can return blood, so he doesn't have to go home.

Extreme cold storm: with a high physical defense bonus, the openness of pig Bajie is improved again. It is definitely a big meat shield in the game.

Packing order: red lotus cloak + armor Shoes + Eye of undead bird + omen + fierce armor + resurrection armor

The red lotus cloak is the first equipment of Zhu Bajie. Because it is a hero in the middle and later stage, a fire armor in the early stage can reduce the pressure on the line, followed by armor shoes, and then the eye of the undead bird. This magic resistance equipment has quite good attribute bonus, which is very suitable for Zhu Bajie.

The overall loading route of pig Bajie is whole meat. In the later stage, the whole meat equipment is still considered. Unknown signs and fierce armor are the follow-up options of pig Bajie, followed by resurrection armor. With resurrection armor, pig Bajie can safely open a group to resist damage.