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How to open Suning wayward payment? Suning wilful pay opening conditions

Since Suning consumer finance launched wayward payment, many small partners have tried to open Suning wayward payment. For those who are not familiar with this product, Suning's wayward payment method is more important. So, how to open Suning wayward payment? Let's take a look.

How to open Suning wayward payment

According to the official introduction of Suning's consumer finance, the maximum amount of Suning's willful payment is 200000 yuan. It can be said that it is quite beautiful, but it is generally 3000-5000 when it is just opened. In the follow-up, as long as good credit is maintained, normal repayment is made, and the amount is raised very quickly after repeated consumption, the amount can be raised to tens of thousands in a year.

Suning pays the process of self - discipline: carrying good identity cards and other materials, heading to the local line store; under the guidance of staff, pays attention to the official account of Suning consumer finance; click 'I want to apply', fill in the relevant information, click 'submit'; wait for the audit, after the application is successful, you can immediately shop.

Suning wilful pay opening conditions

Suning willful payment conditions: over 18 years old, can not be more than 55 years old; good personal credit, no bad loan records in the past; willing to spend in the designated Suning consumer finance designated offline stores; with stable income, have a certain ability to repay.

It is worth mentioning that if you want to increase the credit limit, you can fill in all the information you can fill in in your personal basic credit, including completing real name authentication, binding mobile email, binding bank card, etc., which are conducive to arbitrary payment. In addition, remembering to repay in full and on time in each installment is quite helpful for willful payment and withdrawal.